Protecting women and health providers – April 4, 2018

(calming music) – Imagine the immense
violation you must feel as a patient having to walk or drive by the onslaught of protesters
who are protesting your most basic right of bodily autonomy. On top of that, women are
already dealing with shame for having an abortion, and protesters remind them
of this when they come to our clinic. Women in Alberta should
not have to be subjected to privacy violations, harassment, and shame tactics on a daily basis because they are choosing to
enact their bodily autonomy and have an abortion. It is no one’s business but
the woman and her doctor. (calming music) My name is Jennifer Berard. I am the administrative assistant
here at Kensington Clinic. There are two really big
protests throughout the year called the Forty Days for Life Protest, and it’s currently going on right now. So we have seen a pretty
big increase of protesters. So sometimes when I come to
work I’ll come pretty early so if it’s in the winter months, it’ll be pitch black outside. And as I’m driving up I will see sometimes one to maybe
three or four protesters across the street with or without signs. I mean it doesn’t matter, it’s intimidating, and
especially for the patients as well, I really feel for them. Safety is a really big
issue for the staff here and the doctors, especially. They keep their last name
different from their children and some even have bulletproof vests because as you know, there have been murders of abortion providers. So definitely yes there
is a really big impact with the protesters and
the safety of the staff and the physicians in particular. I feel that women should not have to face any privacy violations. They are accessing legal services, and they have every right to make this choice, you know, and it’s not up to anyone
to make them feel guilty or shame them. I just felt so strongly
that I had to say something, that I could not sit by and
just be complacent in this because I feel so angry first of all and frustrated that
this is still happening, and sad for the patients
that I see every day who are so you know already
in a tough situation, that I just I couldn’t
just sit by and continue to do nothing. I’m urging them to implement a bubble zone legislation. (calming music) The new bubble legislation
would help this because protesters would be fined for breaking the law. We have seen protesters
with their cellphone cameras or just like holding camera
across the street definitely, so that would be really
good if the legislation did enact like a ban on
filming or taking photos. I feel very strongly about women’s rights in general and about abortion services and women’s health. So I feel like you know I’m making a difference every day in women’s lives coming to work, which is really profound and important. And you know I really hope that my voice does help women throughout Alberta to not have to face the harassment of the protesters. (calming music)

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  1. Maybe there should not be separate clinics designated as abortion clinics and then when a woman goes to her doctor, the reasons for her visit would not be publicly evident.

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