Personally I feel it’s a bit disgusting. Really disgusting. To be honest, I don’t want to fight at Pochinki. Teammate: Should also be okay. No problems. teammate: From Season 1 till now teammate: No way teammate: Nickname Teammate: Is there another team? Is there anyone? BQR: I don’t think I see anyone Teammate: There is one team. teammate: There is one team on the right but he’s flying somewhere further. Teammate: I’m not sure if he will come back around. BQR: Let me have a quick look around. Teammate: Just had a quick look. I didn’t see him Teammate: There is no one, Let’s quickly search then go. BQR: There’s really no-one here. BQR: No-one. Teammate: The drop route wasn’t that great. It has nothing to do with that teammate: What’s fighting got to do with u? teammate: Is there more people will jump to the city? If I want to raise my points up, then I would’ve dropped in the wild. That’ll be really happy. Teammate: Of course, it’ll be really happy. Teammate: Did no-one told him? He disconnected and he still doesn’t know. Teammate: Such a pity. Teammate: No 1 and No 2, wake up. Teammate: You two want to raise your score? Impossible Teammate: Never say such things again. BQR: So what happens if I raise my score? Teammate: What happens? Teammate: You two don’t deserve it. Teammate: Such a cool way to — Other teammate: I’m a pro (has quick hands when playing), I can definitely kill him. BQR: I feel like she is swearing at me. She’s definitely swearing at me. *Mocking sounds* Teammate: Have to blame u guys Teammate: What’s ‘de’? Teammate: Stop it, stop arguing. teammate: Are you even a person? (other teammate making sounds that don’t sound normal, like a human) I heard footsteps. What did you find? He’s disappeared… Are the footsteps far away? Teammate: He’s possibly a pro, be careful. teammate: Let me handle it, I’ll kill this pro. Annoying, I can’t pickup ammo anymore. Give me a level 2 bag. Teammate: (contextual) Let me pick it up. Teammate: I’ve already looted your section earlier. BQR: I know, I just want to find a [better] bag. That should be the robot I heard earlier. teammate: How then? U get him up and kill him again? *Interface* I have supplies BQR: Where’s the M416? I want it. Teammate: I’ve already picked it up. Where is it? It’s not too far. I’m coming. Teammate: M416 is better What? Teammate: There’s a car in the garage. Lets go. Go go go go. Teammate: Lets go. Teammate: Quickly green… no, I mean No. 4 has a gas can. Teammate: What do you mean by green? Teammate: Aren’ you No. 4? BQR: We should go. Teammate: I can drop an extended quick mag for you guys. Teammate: Then you can exchange a normal extended mag for me. Quickly. BQR: I don’t have an extended mag Teammate: I’ll give one to you. With this flight path, I wonder where people would’ve dropped? teammate: There’s nowhere for them to drop at. teammate: I’m sorry, I don’t have reaction teammate: It’s okay. I have bring oil drum teammate: Why there is no one here? There is someone in front teammate: Real people, he is jumping Kill him There are two people in front there teammate: I stay here to block them Then I go ahead teammate: There is one guy inside the small room teammate: He is down teammate: Someone far away shoot me There is still someone here Lets kill him All die teammate: There is someone far away shoot me He is died teammate: My god teammate: Scared me teammate: He shoot me, I thought I’m going to die I don’t have a scope, I use red dot to shot on him teammate: Do u need 4 scope? Let me pick his box, he definitely has a scope He must have If he don’t have, I handstand teammate: Handstand for? teammate: Let me have a look teammate: I think that guy has a scope teammate: He is so fat teammate: I haven’t pick yet then no more left teammate: Give me a medical kit teammate: There is at the box there teammate: Is that guy has a scope? Yes teammate: Give me some 5.56 bullets teammate: I don’t have a kill The person at the corner there U{ turn around with him and u didn’t shot him teammate: I killed that guy at the end I killed him teammate: Is me Oh, a. U killed him That’s fine teammate: Does anyone need 5.56 bullets? He shot on my helmet teammate: U jealous Ugly Guo, what’s that? I’m ugly recently teammate: U guys accent are more accurate recently I think so Lets go to G port I drink more water, I would like to go to the toilet Can’t leave 3 of us live for u teammate: Relax Oh, ya U are monkey, simply drive the car teammate: There are someone All died Two of them right? teammate: Yes Like 4 VS 4 teammate: Look at the car teammate: Who is behind me just now? teammate: I don’t know who is he Not me. I lay in front there teammate: Is not me too teammate: They broken our car tire Are they from G port? teammate: Maybe I think so Lets go to Y city Lets block the people from twilight town teammate: Okay I heard that Wang like to go there in the previous teammate: That’s a secret teammate: Change a car teammate: That’s a secret teammate: My god! I’ll change my name tomorrow There is a car in front there teammate: Get in the car Where did he go? teammate: He went to the school there teammate: On the right. Did u see it? He stopped at the school here? teammate: I don’t know teammate: In front there Here? teammate: yes. In front there No teammate: Definitely he is over here Over there. he went to there teammate: I think he want to get his teammate up Is he going back to get his teammate up? teammate: Maybe teammate: If he get his teammate up, they will go away Then lets go back to the hostel there teammate: A jeep car Play us? On the left Lets get up first on the roof top, follow up Wait for awhile teammate: I think there is still someone on the next building teammate: Don’t worry. He can’t shot on me Cheater teammate: Which floor? I think is over this building I think teammate: he is over here just now teammate: This team of people died teammate: No, there is still footsteps at here teammate: He pick the boxes here and said the people have died Are u guys coming? teammate: Yes teammate: He has run away U guys drive the car teammate: I’m coming teammate: There is a robot at here teammate: It’s really poor He is not listening to me He go alone to pick the boxes, bravo teammate: I thought there is no more people Excuses Lets go teammate: Actor teammate: This robot squat down Feel bad I have put my phone down It’s hard to grab a kill It’s hard teammate: There is someone in front there Okay At this hill here? teammate: There is a guy at the first floor teammate: On the roof top teammate: He kill me teammate: Still got someone else teammate: No more Bro, don’t simply tell the information Bro, don’t simply tell the information. Is not your first time teammate: All died teammate: Something wrong with my hearing teammate: I have to adjust it Lets go Lets go He always go alone There is no bunker for him to hide himself Blame himself He is arrogant He’ll got experience after die many times Thanks for the gift Thanks for the gift If u like my teammates Subscribe me. Thank you very much Where is the people? teammate: I didn’t see it teammate: I think someone will block the bridge Bro, don’t u say U are able to kill 50 people in one match? Lets go to the houses there Someone is running Don’t worry. There are two people upstairs Be careful teammate: Someone has jump outside teammate: One player down teammate: I’m waiting for u to get down teammate: Don’t worry teammate: Don’t get out Ther eis grenade There is someone coming from gas station I think they is still someone behind the battery Or we go across? Lets shoot the people at here I grab one kill There is each team at the hill and gas station There is one team at the hill there Lets broken their car There is still someone here right? Lets go teammate: 3 vs 1, he must die Thanks for the gift We have to drive another car Lets go Wang, u go to drive it. We get back first teammate: Can i drive? Yes teammate: I believe u teammate: I think I’ll die, See u teammate: There is car coming? That’s out teammate Lets go find an excuses Lets come to here There are two teams over the car there teammate: 3 cars teammate: Get in the car Nice He is using sniper Okay Can’t fight with them Lets go? Lets go Lets go to the gas station Okay U look down to them There is someone behind the stone there A team of 4 teammate: I’m scared to fight There is one guy at the ramp there teammate: At 325 direction They are not using sniper I didn’t hear it teammate: 98k Is hard to fight teammate: there are 3 people behind the tree there teammate: SKS teammate: Let me fight with him I have change to use DP-28 teammate: Excellent Bro, how to fight? i think can’t fight with them teammate: My helmet and vest has broken One player down Come on teammate: That guy don’t wanna to fight I know right Lets go teammate: Let me drive the car Let me change the gun Is hard to fight cause they are at that position Come on, lets go Lets go over here teammate: There is someone at the hill there What? He didn’t shoot on us? Come on, say again teammate: excellent driving skills I have no choice Wang, follow me there is car coming, lets move to the left teammate: Someone has get upstairs One player down Wang, come on teammate: The last person is at the second floor of maze building teammate: What do u think i go ahead? Lets go He is throwing the grenade teammate: Balcony there Okay teammate: He want to kill u Yes No problem. One team left is it? teammate: Yes teammate: There is Groza teammate: Do u want? teammate: Is our car still function-able? teammate: One or two team left? teammate: i didn’t realize it One team There is a car at the toilet there There is a sneaky inf front there don’t get together teammate: he is so arrogant teammate: Three player down Get in the car These players play well All died teammate: Cool

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