Publish research | What are the main factors to consider when choosing a journal?

Hi, this is Emily and I’d like to welcome
you to this uni-edit video. What are the main factors to consider
when choosing a journal? A journal may choose to accept or reject your paper
based on a specific set of criteria stated explicitly on the journal website.
There are universally accepted standards in academia. Generally, these include
novelty; soundness of research methods; contribution to advancing a particular
model, theory, or the overall field application; and usefulness to real-world
issues and challenges; connection to current state of the art; the narrative
of the research problem and comprehensiveness. All of the factors
contribute to how the journal will assess your work. Therefore, it is
important to weight your research against these factors when deciding on which
journal to submit your research. Does your research fit these criteria? Along
the left you’ll see the criterion and along the right and analysis of it. There
are two highly important criterion. These include connection and
comprehensiveness. Connection to current state of the art. Is your research
relevant to the field as a whole? Is your research timely and appropriately framed
to address the current or future challenges in your field?
Comprehensiveness. Is your research easy to understand comprehend and follow? Does
it contain easy to understand terminology that is accessible to anyone?
Is it digestible? There are three moderately important criteria. These
include the novelty of research, the soundness of research methods, and the
contribution to the field. Novelty of research. Is your research new and
contribute fresh insight to the field does your research have novel methods,
use a novel approach to an existing problem, and/or offer new results or
conclusions? Soundness of research methods. Are your research or
experimental methods technically sound? Do they adhere to proper
scientific practice? And are they analytically robust? Are they appropriate
for the type of research questions you aim to answer? Contribution to the field.
Is your research contributing to advancing knowledge in your field? Does
your research seek to solve a problem, challenge a theory, or bring new insight
to existing knowledge? The final two criterion are of lesser importance than
the others, but still hold application value in writing your paper. These
include the application of research and the narrative of a research problem.
Application of research. Does your research have a real-world application?
Can your research be applied to systems, processes, or phenomena in a tractable
and practical way? Narrative a research problem. Does your research tell a story?
How does it appeal to readers? Does it contribute to improving how your field
is perceived by its community? We hope you enjoyed this tip. From all of us at
uni-edit, have a wonderful day!

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