Randee Masciola, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner

A Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner is an advanced practice registered nurse who has advanced education and clinical experience in women’s healthcare. As a specialist, the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner delivers comprehensive healthcare to women throughout the lifespan with an emphasis on sexual and reproductive health. I’ve been a practicing Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner in a full scope practice since 1998. I’m currently an assistant professor and elite faculty in the Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner speciality track Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners can see women for their primary healthcare needs. This includes things like hypertension, diabetes, migraines, asthma, depression and a variety of skin disorders. They also see women for their gynecological needs, for example well women exams, the pap smear. This also includes contraception and family planning, screening and management of sexually transmitted diseases, menopause, breast health screening and the treatment of breast disorders, management of menstrual cycle disorders, infertility, urinary visits, sexual disfunction and GYN oncology. Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners also take care of pregnant patients for routine OB care as well as high risk OB care in the office and in the hospital setting. Postpartum patients are also part of our scope of practice for routine and complex issues. Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners can also take care of men for their sexual and reproductive health issues including family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual disfunction and infertility. Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners are educated for a variety of jobs including private OB-GYN practices, adolescent clinics, planned parenthood and other federally funded clinics, hospital based urgent cares and clinics, federally funded clinics, specially based clinics like urogynecology, infertility and oncology, hospital high risk triage and postpartum units and of course can have jobs in academia as well. A certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner can also receive additional training in areas like hepatoscopy, ultrasound, urodynamic testing and have the opportunity for a variety of national fellowships in oncology, infertility and urodynamics. At The Ohio State University College of Nursing all of our Women’s Health Nurse Practitioners students do become certified in IUD and nexplanon insertion. This is a very unique and rare opportunity that we’re proud to offer. For more information you can visit the National Association of Nurse Practitioners for Women’s Health or visit our website at nursing.osu.edu

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  1. Smear test easy. Bimanal exam putting fingers in side vagina area before and after pap smear is done. Bimanal exam are not useful screening too for healthy women and can even be harmful. They are not an effective way to diagnose ovarion cancer better way to detect STD. Bimanal exam are so anxiety and uncomfortable or painful that they can even cause healthy women to avoid medical care altogether. Smear test safes life's putting fingers in side vagina area before and after pap smear is done has useful information out there today

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