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Hello Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Sales
Executives for our video message of the week. We are going to start a brand new series,
and the series is entitled “The competitive edge”. I going to share with you the different
concepts that are all around this idea of how do we have the competitive edge in our
business and in life. So today’s topic is that we are going to start with is called
“Strength in Mind” you know we talk a lot about mind-set, thought processes, well today
I’m going to add some depth to this conversation. We’re really going to talk about what do we
mean by a strong mind-set, what do we mean by strength in mind. Well I have 3 tips for
you today. First is when you have strength in mind your an individual who has that strong
mind-set- one attribute that you have is you are less affected by outside circumstances
and outside people than others. Ok. Let me repeat that. you as an individual are less
affected by everything that is happening around you that will basically pull you off of your
plan of attack, pull you off of your goals. You are better at not letting these outside
circumstances stop you or slow you down. Now that’s a big statement because it’s so easy
and there is a zillion things- what we like to call the whirlwind that can pull them off.
but when you’re strong in mind you have something – this gift of blindness to stay focused on
what’s important- stay focused on your job- what you need to accomplish yet all this stuff
that’s pulling you in one direction and another- that’s not serving you well – you have this
ability to keep it away – not even really noticing- kind of that gift of blindness-
to ignore it without ignoring what you have to accomplish. That is strength in mind. Second
you have motivational and clear goals. When you have strength in mind it’s more than – well
I have my goals and even written my goals down. No it’s more than that, you specifically
are internalized- you have motivational as well as clear stated goals that you feel your
connected with. You think about all the time because they’re a part of you. See that’s
the difference between having goals and having GOALS, because you really keep- they’re a
part of your being and it something that- not someone else is telling you you want but
truly it is your why and it is exactly what you want and as we talked about in the past
that takes some time. But people with strength in mind know how important it is to take that
time and really dig deep within themselves to determine that wait this is not just an
exercise to figure out I’ve got to get serious about- I got to feel the goose bumps. I’m
thinking about what I want. Ok. Then get that in writing and know that’s truly motivational
because it is truly my why and last but certainly not least today. Strength in mind- Strength
of mind all ties back to that you not only have an ability but more importantly you have
stick-a-bility. That when anything happens, ok, that you know what was out of your control,
you stick to it. You come back. You don’t let it stop you, you don’t let it deter you.
Ok. you don’t let it change your attitude. You continually move forward because you not
only have ability, which changes and gets better over time. You have stick ability.
Which means you can be brand new your first day in the business or you can be in the business
50 years it doesn’t matter you have stick-a-bility- that’s part of knowing no one can stop you
no matter what happens around you, you keep moving forward. You know strength of mind
is a very powerful concept – easy to say – tougher to do. For those of you with strength of mind
I will tell you have a competitive edge. Thanks everybody we’ll talk to your later. Bye-bye

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