Reasons why women are suddenly gaining weight – Tamil Health Tips

Reasons why ladies are suddenly gaining weight – Tamil Health Tips We should know why we gain weight to reduce it and come let us see what are the reasons for this. When estrogen level drops it cause weight gain and hormonal imbalance cause stress. If we take unwanted food it will result in weight gain so take the food suitable for your body. Stress is common in men and women and it increases cortisol level and it can also cause obesity. Skipping breakfast can be a reason for weight gain and we should not take foods with more calories. Some medicines can also cause weight gain so take medicines only with a doctor’s advise. You may face many health problems if you take more white foods after 35 years of age. White foods have more calories and result in obesity so try to avoid these foods. Frequent hunger can also cause obesity as we take unwanted food, women have less physical work so the undigested food stores as fat and cause weight gain. In the process of ageing women gets weaker and can’t actively do the household work. Metabolism rate drops and it may result in weight gain.

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