Recommended Health Screenings for Women 50+

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As we get older, we want to stay
as healthy as we can, for as long as possible. Getting the recommended
health screening tests at the right time is an important part of
managing our health as we age. Health screenings are tests
that look for diseases before you have symptoms. These types of tests
can find diseases early when they’re easier to treat. Women who are 50 and older should consider having
the following health screenings: Ask your doctor
whether you need a mammogram. If you have a family member
with breast, ovarian, or periotoneal cancer, talk with your doctor or nurse about your family history, and whether you need testing. Get a Pap smear
every three years until age 65, or get a combination Pap smear
and Human papillomavirus or HPV test every five years
until age 65. If you are older than 65,
or have had a hysterectomy, talk with your doctor or nurse about whether you still need
to be screened. Between the ages of 50 and 75, get a screening test
for colorectal cancer. If you are between the ages
of 76 and 85, talk with your doctor or nurse about whether you should continue to be screened. Talk to your doctor
about being screened. When doctors screen
for depression, they ask questions about whether
you’ve been feeling down or sad, and whether you’ve lost interest
in doing things. Ask your doctor if you should be
screened for diabetes. Get a blood test
to screen for Hepatitis C once: Get screened regularly
if you use a needle to do drugs. Get checked regularly if: Get your blood pressure checked at least once every year. Get screened
if you’re 65 or younger. Talk to your doctor or nurse about getting a CAT scan if: Have a screening test
at age 65 to make sure
your bones are strong. If you’re younger than 65,
talk to your doctor about whether
you should also be screened. Have your weight checked regularly by your doctor. If you’re overweight or obese, your doctor can help you
with ways to lose weight. Talk to your doctor or nurse about whether
you should be screened for sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea
and Chlamydia. If you’re aged 60 or older,
you should talk to your doctor to see what kind of eye exam
you might need. To recap, here are
the health screenings that are recommended
for women 50+: For more information,
check out the “Health Screenings
and Immunizations” topic at

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