Relieve Hip Pain – 7 Best Hip Strength & Muscle Pliability Exercises at Home

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  1. I think you all are spies that listen to my every crack and pop bc every time I have a specific pain you all make a video. I’m sitting here with hip pain as we speak!! Love you guys so much

  2. Have done all of those as part of hip replacement rehab. It's been over 2 years since second hip replacement. I still do those although not as regular as I did with rehab.

  3. Thank you Bob and Brad you guys keep uploading videos that are right on time!! Thanks so much may God bless you 🙏❤️😇

  4. Brad: Bye, Mary!
    Me: Awwww 🥰
    Mary, I hope these help you!! How cool 😎 for you to have one of the Worlds Best Physicial Therapists on the Entire Internet!!! Makes me want to cross the boarder North!! 👍🏽. Thanks Guys!! I will use the important info from today!!

  5. Thanks so much. I got this stubborn strain in the groin area that hurts only in my left hip while it's in external and internal rotation. I think some of these exercises can help.

  6. Are you able to speak upon Hip Dysplasia? Or exercises for post periacetabular osteotomy surgery? I’ve been dealing with hip pain for 2+ and I’m only 21 years old.

  7. Hey Bob and Brad, not sure how to contact you so you will see it…can you please share info on notalgia paresthetica and exercises that might help the itchy back? Please?

  8. I have sharp pain… if I stopped everytime I felt it I would never do anything and be stuck… the only way I have gained anything in 6years is pushing into and through the pain. I eat bone spurs for breakfast!

  9. I love this channel. They seem to be intuitive on what I need. Posture problems, they make a video. Hip pain, they make a videos. Same day. Lmao. Thanks you Bob and Brad

  10. I’ve had vertigo. Not fun. If you can’t get on floor just use rollers on firm mattress and or have a helper roll it for you (speak up for pressure). Science on foam rollers (good news)…

    Chronic hip pain can be related to spinal/SIJ fusions. One big heads up for those with steroid (prednisone etc) induced osteoporosis who experience worsening hip pain to see an MD. Simple X-ray will rule out necrosis. Not common but can go undx. I’m still working on other exercises you’ve given but will save these. 🙏👏🇨🇦

  11. My two go-to's for body corrections and workouts are Bob&Brad and AthleanX. AthleanX advises Not to use Foam Rollers in this case.
    Watch4:43–5:40from video link to explain.
    Both YouTube channels share pretty much the same information just sometimes there are some slight differences and in this case, i do find the difference to be important. I would not be seeing such great improvements on my body if it weren't for Bob&Brad and AthleanX.

  12. Hi sir, I'm Shan from Malaysia..
    I have been following you nearly 1 Year… and recently I got my middle finger flexor tendon cut in a accident.. The doctor got repaired its been 4 months and I can't straighten up my middle finger it stuck in hook position the physiotherapist ask me to do some exercises and massages but I still can't move my middle finger…
    Can you please provide me some solutions?

  13. I've learned from trial and error that Ginger (I use dried crystallized ginger) one strip dailly for 2 weeks and it started working. I had vertigo from allergies that went into my inner-ear.
    Now all gone after 2 weeks of ginger treatment. I use it every day, Think it also works with regular vertigo, as neighbor has had for years and tried ginger candy and dried ginger and hers is gone also.Her older Dr. told her to try it cause she got vertigo on planes. Try it, can't hurt. Good taste.

  14. Good video, I can’t sleep on my sides because it pains to much. Will try this , like you say doing it pain free….and hopefully it will help.

  15. Hi Bob and Brad. You guys are my “go to” for injury/soreness advice. Thank you. I’ve now had two Total hip replacements. I’m still very active, road cycling, gym and walking. I attempt to do all that I used to do prior..Trying to find advice about exercise, stretching, strengthening, that is appropriate and specific is not easy. Plenty of information if your goal is to be able to walk to the toilet by yourself, but just about nothing for those of us who are still “athletes” (albeit, slow ones!).It seems to me that most of the advice is about what “ not to do” , not what is possible. How about an up to date episode on advice for us? Cheers.

  16. Yoo I got a track meet tm n I’m tryna get rid of the pain soo I look on yt n see y’all n y’all say the exact stuff that match my hip pain and it really help me

  17. This is great!  I grabbed my foam roller and rolled myself out like cookie dough.  Boy, do I feel better!  My question is, how often can we do this?

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