Republicans Push Shutdown Over Women’s Health Programs

This debate is about saving money, that’s what we thought it was about but no longer. We have an agreement on the cuts and savings
I was there in the White House last night and that agreement includes a historic level
of cuts. We’ve always recognized we had to make cuts. That’s why we agreed in the White House last
week to make significant cuts. Why after Speaker Boehner offered a number and the President
Accepted, why are we still here today worried about a shutdown that will hurt so many? The answer is very simple the so-called extraneous riders these add-ons
which have nothing to do with deficit reduction are standing in the way. This is not a debate in the last hours before this government shuts
down about how much to cut it is about whether or not women in this country will have access to basic
health care services. Mr. President as a woman, as a mother, as a grandmother I find that Appalling. Why? Well it’s because the problems within the House
Republican caucus. The speaker of the house John Boehner whom
I know, respect and like is surrounded by lean and hungry colleagues challenging his value, his resolve and his leadership. This House power struggle has now reached a point where we face a
government shutdown and a showdown on whether or not we are going to provide basic healthcare
access for women across America. what kind of country are we, that at the eleventh hour on a debate like this the issue remaining is about women’s healthcare, I find that stunning. Now Speaker Boehner is trying to say today it is
not these riders, it is the budget numbers but that is belied by two
facts. One, he offered a number to the President last
night and the President accepted 78-billion dollars in cuts. And two if it were not the riders as my colleague from Washington’s status had
let me repeat if it’s not the rider Speaker Boehner take
them off the table. Republicans want to shut down the government
because they think there’s nothing more important than
keeping women from getting cancer screenings. This is indefensible and everyone should be outraged. Men and women should be outraged. Let’s not close down this government, let’s face this hour of decision responsibly, let’s say to the millions of critical federal
employs across America. We’re basically keeping America safe making sure that our planes are safe in the
air, tending to the business of this great nation that they can come to work because the government will not close at midnight. The consequences of letting our country’s funding expire would be devastating to people, individuals. Let us not close down the government of the
United States of America over the access of women to basic health
care, that is what the House Republicans are insisting
on and it is the wrong fight at the wrong time. As a legislative I am very frustrated, as an American I’m appalled, as a husband, a father, a grandfather I’m personally offended. I plea now to Speaker Boehner is you have fought the good fight we were at
the eleventh hour do not let us reach the depths of despair by closing down
our government and sending a message across the world that there’s something wrong with this American
form a government. there’s nothing wrong with it There’s nothing wrong with that it. The people
of good faith responsibly stepping forward and accepting their duty in the House and Senate can’t cure by agreeing today. Let’s do it in this hour of decision let’s get it done.

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