Restore® SR electrolyte supplement from Kentucky Equine Research

As horses sweat they lose
electrolytes which are important to help the body regulate water
levels in and around cells. Horses with insufficient
electrolytes can become dehydrated, which impairs performance
and inhibits a horse’s natural cooling mechanisms.
Restore SR is a slow release, sugar-free electrolyte from
Kentucky Equine Research that is formulated to exactly
match the composition of horse sweat. What separates Restore SR
from traditional electrolytes is how it provides key minerals
over a sustained period of time. When these ingredients
are delivered slowly they can be fully absorbed
and utilized by the body. Restore is a great choice
for horses requiring maximum hydration or who need stamina
to perform for extended periods, such as three day eventers, endurance horses and combined
driving horses. For competition horses, you can also add Restore paste
to replenish electrolytes quickly.
This buffered, sugar-free paste will also
help trigger a thirst response to keep
horses hydrated. Always make sure fresh
clean water is available to horses as soon as possible
following exercise.

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