Rice Bucket Challenge! – Grip Strength – FOLLOW ALONG

Hey guys, welcome to my rice bucket routine. [stabbing sounds] If you want to skip this introduction, just
look into the description and skip to the follow along routine where i’ll start with the
exercises. But for now, let’s talk about what this is
about: this is a training tool for the muscles in your forearm that you don’t use as much
when you train grip or do other sports. This is good for 3 different things. Number one: rehabilitation exercises. You have hurt your forearm muscles and need
to rehab them? Do rice bucket exercises. The second reason to do them is because you
have just trained and you just want to pump out the last bit of muscle power that you
have for those extra sweet hypertrophy gains, okay? And the third reason to do this is because
you want to use this as a warm up. If the resistence of rice is not enough to
train your muscles for you – because you are experienced, you can use sand. But wear gloves when you sand, so you don’t
get sand under your fingernails. And if sand is too easy you can use stainless
steel shot, but this is for really experienced guys only, okay? Now let us start with the follow along routine. Grab your rice bucket and let’s go. Grab your rice bucket and let’s go. First exercise: do fists, place them into
the rice and just rotate your upper arms without moving anything else. So if i do this on the air, it looks like
this. We do this for 30 seconds. Keep it up! Done. Next exercise: now we rotate the wrists in
a circular motion and in between the exercise we do the other direction. Let’s go. 30 seconds again. You can do this! If you start feeling a little burn, that’s
good. That’s what we want to achieve here. And now change the directions. And done. The next exercise is going to be the thumbs. So place your thumb in it and then you do
circular motions with your thumb joint and like the wrist circulations you do it in the
sand. If you don’t have enough space you can do
it with a single hand, but the sake of this video, we’ll do it with both hands. And we’ll do this 30 seconds so follow along. If your wrists or your hand moves a little
bit that doesn’t matter so much. Just make sure that your thumb joint moves
around. And this is really hard after a while but
just keep it up, you can do it. And done. The next exercise is the abduction and the
adduction of the fingers. So place your hands inside and do this, okay? Inside and open. And your thumbs work aswell. So once again: i’m doing this. 30 seconds. The deeper you go into the rice, the harder
it gets so if you do it up here it’s easier. If you go down to the bottom, it offers more
resistence. Come on, don’t give up. You can do it. And done! The next exercise is for the finger flexors
and you do the following: you do an eagle claw like this, go back, and do a full grab. So, okay? You switch between the exercises and let’s
go. And really work this rice! Go for it. Really grab this, you’re making bread down
here. Or whatever, grab the rice! 15 more seconds. Really lean into this to get a powerful grip. And done. The next exercise is the opposite motion. So: opening your hands. So you start with a fist and make this motion. Okay? Opening the hands for the extensors. Let’s go. If you made it to here in this video and you
haven’t given up and you’re feeling the burn: congratulations. Keep it up! Almost done. Not so many exercises left, so this is a really
good warm up. And also super good to pump out the last bit
of power that you have. Really open those hands! So don’t just make this, but really open them. Open them strong. Go for this. And done. The next exercise is for the lumbrical muscles. Those are the muscles that close your hands
but with extended fingers. So not like a fist, but – you know – like
this motion. So place your hands inside and do this until
your fingertips – the thumb and the opposing fingers – meet. So inside. And this is really hard. Make sure that you don’t do it like this,
but your fingers are closed, okay? They need to be closed; closely together. And this is it. You are done, congratulations! If you have any questions about this tutorial
for all those muscles in your forearms write it into the comments and please subscribe
to my youtube channel. Leave a like and visit us at reddit.com/r/GripTraining
for additional grip content! Hope you have a wonderful day. Keep grip training and we’ll see each other
next time on Tykato Fitness. Goodbye!

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