Risking It All in the Pursuit of Women’s Health | Presented by HP

When I decided to start over, it
was really scary and it was also
really exciting. I took a big risk in the pursuit
of researching women’s health. I’m Katerina Schneider. I’m the
founder and CEO of Ritual, which is the health technology
company that’s reinvented the
vitamin. I was born in Ukraine, and I was
5 when we moved to the U.S. with
$50 and a suitcase. My parents taught me that you
can achieve anything if you work really hard and are super
committed. After college, I went into
investment banking, and then ran an investment fund here in
LA and had no intention of starting my own company. When
I became pregnant for the first
time, I became obsessed with what I
was putting in and on my body. I started taking vitamins and
realized those same ingredients that I was avoiding throughout
the house were actually in the vitamins that I’d been
taking every single day. I realized a clean vitamin
for women didn’t exist, so I decided to make it myself.
That’s why I started Ritual. It was really scary to leave a
steady career and start a company four months pregnant,
but the impact that our product is having on women’s lives is
pretty unbelievable. A lot of vitamins out there are
marketing to women like all we care about is hair, skin,
and nails. We care about your organs, and
your blood, and your brains. We have women with cancer
writing in that it’s getting them through chemo, and
that’s why we’re building the company that
we’re building. It’s the only vitamin you need,
wherever you are. My personal mission is to show
women that you can have a family and a business,
and thrive in both. Are all these things things you
can measure? Every single day, I get to be
around the people and the culture that I’ve built, and
that’s super exciting. I’m Katerina Schneider and I’ve
totally reinvented myself.

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