RLS Global at Pareto Securities’ Health Care Conference 2019

this is Pavas Mehra we are present here
at Pareto Securities’ annual health care conference in Stockholm and with me
today I have the CEO of RLS Global Karin Fischer thank you very
much could you please tell us a little bit
more about RLS Global and the product that you’re working with yes
RLS Global is a company that has its history within the dental field we
have actually two products within caries and periodontitis and these
technology is based on a buffered hypo chloride and what it does is devitalize the
necrotic tissue keeps the healthy tissue intact and creates an antimicrobial
environment and this is very essential for an efficient healing process five
years ago there was a doctor that thought well this must be applicable for
chronicle wound and that’s when the journey started so in April this year we
get our first product approved CE- approved is a class three device for the
European market and we have initiated the registration process for Australia
so we hope we can start to launch in Australia by q2 next year and we are in
dialogue with FDA when it comes to the US market alright so basically you’re
working with wounds that arise in connection with especially diabetic
patients and there are 16 million patients that are affected by this annually
how is the market are those 16 million patients globally or is this only for
the European market that you have CE-approved now no that’s globally those
patients yes and today we have about 425 425 million people suffering in diabetes
and this market if we can use that working is increasing with somewhere in
between 8 and 10 percent on an annual basis so if it continues like this we
will be like 650 million people with diabetes in 25 years and 35
percent of those patients they will develop at least one a chronical wound
diabetic foot ulcer during their lifetime
and looking forward out of an investor perspective you mentioned that you got
the CA approval earlier this year in April and you are looking to apply for
Australian also an FDA registration going forward are there any specific
events like timewise the investors can be on the lookout for well
you know what I mean we are in this very exciting process right now because we
are in the commlisation process we are we are we are
I mean how should we actually capture the market how should we penetrate the
market as fast as possible our business model is that for the Nordic countries
we have already started and we have our own sales force taking care of that
market and so far we are doing pretty well and then we are aiming to sign a
global partnership with a partner who has a global presence for the rest of the
world but you know when you take a new product to the market you have to do
this step by step so Europe is our focus we will do this country by country
secure the reimbursement and then you know within the next three to four years
I hope that ChloraSolv I know the ChloraSolv will be present in many regions that
certainly sounds fantastic we’re looking forward forward to
following our list Global ahead thank you for being here today thank you

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