Rockhurst DO/MBA Graduates Reflect on Importance of Healthcare MBA Degree

So healthcare, as we know, is becoming more
and more team-focused and team-oriented. Being able to lead a team, knowing how
to interact with people, is all something that’s extremely important
but not taught in a medical education. I really wanted to be an advocate for my
patients and in doing so I knew I needed to have those conversations with what
administration looked like as well as what it meant to be a good physician. So
for me getting the MBA, it was an easy choice. Tonight we are celebrating the completion
of our DO/MBA degrees. And so here we are with our entire class. And a lot of family
and friends are here to celebrate with us. So when I interviewed for residency there
were some big things that came up and MBA was definitely one of them. The MBA
was a huge talking point on the interview trail. I felt like it was a huge time for me to
differentiate myself between the applicant pool. Not only are we able to make an impact on
our patients, no matter what specialty we’re going into, we’re able to take this degree and
apply it to our patients to make healthcare better, to make leadership better, and to make the
whole system a little bit better. One thing that I really valued from the
Rockhurst MBA specifically is that it was healthcare focused. So instead of doing a
general management course, I was doing a healthcare management course. Weeks when
we were all really stressed or exhausted or needed to push through a little bit further,
we pushed each other to remind each other like, we can do this. We’ll all do THIS later
together or we’ll all get this deadline done a little bit sooner. After you’re third and
fourth year you obviously go away for your core rotations. So, some of us got stationed outside
of Kansas City. So it’s been great getting everyone back in the same spot and all hanging out
and kind of reminiscing about our experiences. I mean we really are an MBA
family. I think once you go through this program and really get to meet a ton of people, like,
these are relationships I want to carry on with the rest of my life.

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