Romney, Bachmann, McDonnell: Turning Back the Clock on Women’s Health

planned parenthood we’re going to get rid of that.
The stream that’s behind the issue of defunding planned parenthood some women across virginia are outraged at governor bob mcodonnell signs that controversial bill requiring women who seeking an abortion to first undergo an ultrasound.
were you wrong initially when you said this invasive procedure should be part of the bill?
romney now endorses an important consent bill moving through the south carolina
legislature which not only requires a doctor to perform an ultrasound exam on
a fetus to be aborted but it also mandates the mother certift in writing
she have reviewed the ultrasound images i wanna tell you about new legislation
that i’ve just introduced in congress to require abortion providers make the
heartbeat of the unborn child visible and audible to it’s mother!
Do I believe the supreme court should overturn Roe v. Wade?
Yes I do.

18 Replies to “Romney, Bachmann, McDonnell: Turning Back the Clock on Women’s Health”

  1. Fuck the GOP! They're idiots and these policies have nothing to do with job creation and the economy. Keep the US out of religion and visa versa.

  2. lol the Republicans would actually be a decent opponent to the Dems but they are completely out of touch with how a majority of Americans feel about social issues.

  3. @justjulie37 yeah those nutjob religious people who oppose murdering children. How crazy they are.

  4. These religion hipacrits are always like this. They always say the liberal people are with sin , BUT after they get out of chruch and sometime NOT even get out of church the are Cheating on their wifes, men having sex w/ men, molesting a little child, Boys & Girls. Thats is really who allot of them are. Michelle Baccman's husband is a closet case Homosexual. And she knows it. LOL..LOL..Thats just how they are, most all of them.

  5. I'm sure that if sexual orientation was made apparent via ultrasound, these neo nazis would be jumping on the pro-abortion bandwagon faster than some fat redneck would jump on a big mac.Which just reaffirms the outright bigotry and hypocrisy of these uppity right wing circus freaks.

  6. Republicans are so out of touch with the American people. I don't understand why people who are not super-wealthy vote for these jokers.

  7. It's only big government when it's corporations and business. It's not when we're telling you when and how to fuck and if you can have an abortion or not. Republicans….fucking hypocrites !

  8. Disgusting right wing fucks. I think everyone who supports war would be made to go fight in those wars. How about you get to go visit a morgue in Iraq or a hospital in Afghanistan?

    How about when a woman dies of complications due to a pregnancy that she's not allowed to abort, you right wing fucks go tell her kids, parents and husband the news?

    You fucking filthy hypocritical scum.

  9. Yeah, but of course you cunts love it when the mother dies due to complications – an adult human who actually has a real world life dies, and that's perfectly fine. You loathsome, filthy stinking hypocrite. And the best part – when you vermin start screaming about all the taxes you pay to support unmarried mothers with their "welfare brats".

    Fuck, you people are beneath contempt. Dirty little people, you are. Worthless.

  10. I believe that the only time an abortion should take place is when the mother's life is at risk. Also, I come from a military family. I don't like war…nobody does. However, I support our troops and their mission to end terrorism in Iraq (now done) and Afghanistan.

  11. Well I thank-you for your service to our great country and although I disagree with your political position, I respect it.

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