[Rookie King BTS Ep 3-2] Test BTS strength and martial arts!

You didn’t make this, right? I bought it. Deep and strong, brown sugar.
BTS brown sugar. Harvest Day Special
BTS State Exam
(Physical test) Time for physical tests now that writing tests are done. First of physical test, archery! (Archery)
First physical test is archery.
The more you hit inside the red ring, the more points! Assistant: For fair competition, you will draw names. J-hope: a bye for someone? (Master V starts the draw.) V: D!! I’m D! I wonder who C is? (The seven Masters pick in order.) (Master J-hope picks last.) A Suga
E Jin
C Jimin (Getting himself on screen with just draw.) Jungkook: I pass one round. (Lucky Master Jungkook.) (This is the tournament tree.)
Suga vs J-Hope
V vs Jimin
Jin vs RM (First round! Master Suga vs Master J-hope) (Master Suga carefully draws the arrow.) (Unlucky, just a little away from the red circle.) (Now, Master J-hope’s turn.) (He talks it way through everything.) (Target refuses J-hope’s arrow.) Both of you get zero point. (Master Suga goes low to see better.) (Yes I am Suga!) (J-hope is feeling pressured.) (Unfortunate again, missed.) How can this be! (Spit arrow!) Can you move, please? (Pretending to be Jumong.) (Twice in a row!) (J-hope loses.)
(You’re no match.) (Second match!
Master V vs Master Jimin) Assistant: Tell us how determined you are for today. It’s only the first round…
I should easily beat him. (With a few words, K.O) (Second round!
Master V vs Master Jimin) (No way that would have reached.) (Master V is as stiff as a tree.) (Hit! Nope…) (It hit the target, but it fell.) (Second try!)
(Jimin getting ready for his second shot.) (His eyes are full of energy.) (Fail.) (The arrow itself gave up.) (Master V shoots without hesitation.) (Hits the target firmly.) (Master V wins!) (That’s our difference, hm.) (Third round!
Master Jin vs Master RM) It’s a game between the sloppy ones. Dumbo game
Master Jin, Master RM Jin: I will beat RM, who is as unfit as me. RM: We are not the same. (Let the game start!) (Huh?) (Naro arrow goes off in the air.) (Just as we thought.) (Robot Master is preparing?) (This game is never going to end.) (Aim) (He doesn’t know how to aim.) (His fingers are very girl-like.) (The arrow falls like an autumn leaf.) (The other Masters are getting tired.) (Now, whoever gets the arrow in the red circle wins.) (Their fight continues…) (It’s getting darker.) (People watching are getting tired.) (Finally!) (Master RM wins!) Semi finals!
Master Suga vs Master V (First round of semi finals!
Master Suga vs Master V) Suga: You’ve forgotten something. You have to check the wind. (Which way is the wind blowing?) East-west wind!
(Huh?) (Semi-finals start with Suga’s arrow.) (The other Masters’ are starting to bet.) (Jimin is still gutted that he’s lost.) (Suga is in position.) (Stop talking and watch me.) (The east-west wind is on my side!) (Everyone is surprised.) (Now, Master V is up next.) (The arrow is just a little off the target.) You have to know the wind, guys. (The second arrow?) He keeps hitting the same place.
(The other masters are surprised at Suga’s skills.) (The man who controls the wind…) (Hmm.. is that so? I will show you how I do it.) (If he misses, he loses. He is feeling pressured.) (Everyone is feeling uptight.) (Where is the arrow going?) (What a boring game…) (Master Suga! Final Round!) Second semi finals,
Master RM vs Master Jungkook Jungkook is good at everything except archery. Remember, east-west wind. East-west wind skills?
The arrow bounced off after hitting the target. The wind missed a bit. (It’s Jungkook’s first time shooting.) (In.. One go?) (The arrow is stuck to the ground.) (The hyenas never miss Jungkook’s failures.) It’s not as easy as it looks, right? (Master RM’s second chance.) (The arrow bounces back off again.) (Suga keeps on emphasizing the east-west wind.) (Jungkook’s second try? Fail.) (He’s being treated as same as RM.) East-west wind is here! (RM keeps on failing.) (Time for Jungkook to beat him!) (Way off the target.) Why am I not getting it? It looks like a sloppy ones’ game… (Once again, a special rule!
Hit it inside the red circle.) Fail, fail. (Trying to hit it as close as he can.) (Isn’t that being cheap?) (No way.) (Again, Jungkook’s try!) (It stuck! Fail.) (He lost his mind.) (The target is rejecting RM’s arrows.) (I feel the east-west wind…) (Suga’s east-west wind…) (That east-west wind!!) (He’s gained that energy!) (Help me wind! Help me now!) (Here goes the east-west wind arrow!) (Betrayed by the wind.) (RM’s eager to win…) (Stick!) (RM is to the final round!) 100% success, Master Suga! Korean Legolas, Master RM! First test of physical exam, archery! Look at them, they’re different to us. (J-hope is tied with RM right now.) (J-hope is annoying RM.) (Acting like he’s been shot… Fail.) (RM’s second try.) (Second arrow also missed.) (There comes one who quietly waited for his turn…) (The one who has east-west wind on his back, Suga!) (The others are surprised with Suga’s entrance.) (Look at my arrows, people.) (This is the pose, and the energy of Goguryeo.) (I am Jumong! Give me strength!) (Unfortunately, first try is a miss.) (Second try… successful!) (Sumong is unbeatable!) He’s talented. Why did he choose to do rap? (What is Jungkook saying?) Assistant: BTS State Exam! The winner is Master Suga. 1st Master Suga gets 3 points.
2nd Master RM gets 1 point. Rookie King BTS (The 7 masters are feeling the rhythm of gong.) Jimin: What’s next? BTS State Exam, physical part! Second exam will be done with tinkerbells.
Horseback riding. (Horseback riding)
Second game of physical test.
Ride a horse, the first to be back wins! It’s easy~ Assistant: Again, you will draw your order. (The masters choose their order.) RM: Why do I always get F? Jungkook: I really must be a lucky guy. (Picking order is done!) This is the tornament tree!
Jimin vs J-hope
Suga vs Jin
V vs RM Assistant: An announcement before we start. The first horse Jeju horse from Jeju island. (Disappointed.) What is that~ (Jeju mini horse.) It looks pretty boring and empty. Second horse, the horse prince charming rode! (Forced reaction.) (The horse is so sick it’s pale.) (A question for the horses?) Why do they look so alike? First round!
Master Jimin vs Master J-hope It’s perfect for Jimin. Apparently it’s easy for short people… Shush and sit. Will you be okay with that horse? Stop talking. It’s not that funny, isn’t it? Ready, go! A horse riding in the middle of the night. (Master J-hope is speeding with a big scream.) (They are getting farther away from each other.) (Jimin is running with the Jeju mini horse.) (J-hope’s speed made him run with the horse.) (The boys are surprised.) Oh you J-horse~ J-hope: I have a name for him.
RM: You guys look alike too. (J brothers reunited during harvest season.) (J brothers move up to semi-finals.) (Master Suga and Master Jin gets prepared for next stage.) Suga: You can see this stage as an extra round. Jin: You are ignoring me? Do it after you win. Ready, go! (Jin has the starters.) (Sumong is moving faster.) Why is he so fast? (Jin, get ready to be ignored.) Was I like that? (Granpa Jin has used up all his energy.) (Celebrating his win.) (Moving slowly) (Time to make fun of him.) Suga: That was easy. (Master Suga goes up to semi-finals.) Third stage
Master V vs Master RM (Both players are serious.) Go! (The two are trying very hard.) (It seems like it’s faster when you shake your head.) (Similarly passed checkpoint.) (It’s very tight.) (It’s neck and neck!) (V is moving forward by shaking his head.) (Throws away the horse.) If I had worn better pants… (V goes up to semi-finals!) (J-hope, Suga, V and Jungkook goes up to semi-finals.) (Who is going to be 1st place for the second exam? First round of semi-finals. Master J-hope vs Master Suga Assistant: Anything to say to your opposition? To be honest, it’s J-horse, and they look alike so… I’m a little bit nervous but I will try hard. I will beat you easily! Ready, go! (J-horse is as fast as speed of light.) (J-hope once again screams through the game.) (J-horse, hold on a bit!) (A wild horse is running in court.) (J-horse’s speed is unbeatable.) (No way.) I’ve never seen a horse this fast. (Suga is beaten by J-brothers.) (J-hope does a ceremony with J-horse.) (Master J-hope to the final round!) Semi-finals second round
Master V vs Master Jungkook Ready, go! (Starts fast because they’re young.) (Here it is! Head shaking!) (Master V is a little faster.) (Master Jungkook is behind Master V.) (He caught up?) (Master Jungkook has beaten Master V!) (Easily comes back to the final lines.) (Surprised.) (V is feeling gutted.) My legs are sore. (Master Jungkook to the finals!) BTS State Exam, physical part! Horseback riding finals! Kentauros, Master J-hope! Kentauros J-hope! Then there’s burning thigh, Master Jungkook. Assistant: Say something to each other. Be easy on me. (J-hope’s legs are very sore.) (Both players’ thighs are in pain.) I give up on being the first! (You shouldn’t have dreamed of it in the first place…) (Horseback riding, last round!) (Physical strength vs A horse) (Energizer Jungkook.) (J-horse within J-hope) (The two Masters’ game starts!) Assistant: Go on my gong sound. Ready, go! (J-horse is racing fast.) (How can I beat that…) (The game is over already.) (I give up.) (J-horse is teasing Jungkook in front of finish line.) (Master J-hope wins horseback riding.) (J-hope’s speed is unbeatable.) (He is horse itself.) (I honor this glory to you!) (He’s not human…) (Master Jungkook loses.) BTS State Exam physical part! The winner of second exam is…
Master J-hope! 1st Master J-hope gets 3 points
2nd Master Jungkook gets 1 point Coming up,
last round of physical part! Chicken fight! After, lucky raffle program only on Channel BTS.
BTS Lotto Show!

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