RT Shorts – Super Strength

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  1. I like the annotations showing slightly hidden jokes between the shorts. Theres the good lighting in this one, and the peanut butter (also connecting to the same short) in another. 'S GOOD JOB ROOSTER TEETH

  2. DAMN.
    Joel…where can I get a hat like that?!?!?!?!
    Not only is it fashionably; it also works as "item" that gives you the ability to fly.
    Man…I bet Joel is never late for work and he doesn't have to buy gas for his car because…well…he can FUCKING FLY.
    Yes!!!! Score one for the blues back home.

  3. don't look in doors in the Rooster Teeth office… last time that happened Gavin ended up getting locked up with lots of his own clones

  4. Oh my god. The stuff they write for Chris to say in these shorts is the same kind of stuff his brain just comes up with during the podcasts. Chris isn't even playing a character here.

  5. Well,this was my first Roosterteeth video 🙂 I'm quite nostalgic to be honest. Wow. Here's to seven years I've been around,I guess. ^^

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