26 Replies to “Saint Seiya: Awakening – Awakened Perseus Algol Repair Cloth Lineup + Cosmo Review! Petrify All!”

  1. Worm Raimi, Underworld Shun, Pandora and Saori are definitely Algol's best friends.
    However since their healing is not based on the target's HP, I think it favors an Algol with low HP and high Defenses as that will make him easier to heal.

  2. Aku pakai algol pas dlu zamannya alayashiki shaka, waktu itu petrify nya bsa d ilangin sama shaka, tp skrg udah gk, tapi udah terlanjur malas krn bsa d ilangin shaka

  3. Why dont u try underated saint such dante, i want to see him reduce enemy speed and u combined it with control saint so they cant move

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