Science Says 1 Minute of this Exercise is = to 45 min. of Jogging

Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical
therapist. Brad Heineck physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the
internet. In our opinion of course Bob Science says one minute of this exercise is equal to 45 minutes of jogging, isn’t that intriguing? I bet that pulled a lot of people in here. We’re not lying it wasn’t just clickbait, this actually was a study that was done by McMaster University in Ontario Canada and they studied interval training Interval training is kind of high burst of exercises followed by kind of a rest period or lower intensity exercise I’m gonna go over that in just a second and show you the results but it was very Interesting how it kind of compared to 45 minutes of just slow working out on the bicycle If you are new to our channel Please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain-free and we upload everyday and also go over to Facebook and like us because Brad and I, let’s get the violin music out, as children, were not liked and now we’re trying to turn it all around and we’re trying to see if there’s a few people out there that will like us on Facebook So this study McMasters University What they did Brad is they first had three groups of people, first group did nothing We know a lot of people like that don’t we? Unfortunately if you’re in that category, we’re gonna move you into one of these other groups. The second group what they did is they biked on a stationary bike for 45 minutes. Kind of at a moderate Intensity The third group what they did is they started off on the stationary bike again for two minutes They just biked kind of slow, kind of a warm-up Then for 20 seconds They picked it up and they went as fast as they could So they sprinted on the bike for 20 seconds, they did another two minutes of just slow you know kind of cooling down Another 20 seconds of sprinting and we’re moving on here, two minutes of the slow, 20 seconds of this sprinting, and finished up with a 2 minute cooldown They sprinted once they sprinted twice they sprinted three times for a total of just one minute of really high-intensity exercise The rest of it was just kind of slow and moderate Two four six eight so nine minutes total A nine minute workout We’re being a little deceptive but it was 60 seconds of really high Intensity And what they found in comparing these two groups, this one of course did not get any better obviously, but in the group that went for 45 seconds they found they were exactly equivalent as far as their Cardiovascular health had improved and they even biopsied the muscles and they found out the muscles were the same, as far as the energy producing, was it Mitochondria I didn’t read the study so I’m not sure what they have but They found oxygen producing muscles and energy producing muscle cells were the same. So in other words I mean it’s really cool you really you know if you don’t have time you really can do these more high intensity exercises and get in good shape for someone who has time, I would do a little bit of both and that’s what I do. I run, and I also try to include some high intensity exercises. So today what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna show you some of the high intensity exercises that you can do at home without equipment and then we’ll show you what you can do for the two minutes too. Now you can we’re going to show you five of them, so this is almost like a 10 minute workout. If you do the high intensity for just 20 seconds and then you do the core workout for about two minutes. Are we gonna time the 20 seconds? No we’re not gonna time me, just gonna kind of start showing you Yeah you can do that at home, and pick which one of these you want to do. You can do all five or you can repeat each one Keep doing the same one if you want. If you happen to be a runner you can go out and jog and sprint Yeah I used to do that. Absolutely. What do they call that? Interval training but Fartleks, the German term Okay, the first one, first off again you want to warm up a little bit Brad, All right, well pretend you warmed up a little bit because The first one that you can try is just quick sidesteps, These are the old basketball moves Brad, we used to do a lot of these and you’re gonna need a bigger space than this. So for 20 seconds. And I used to do these Brad, I used to run up my stairs and then come down and do sidesteps And the lower you get yourself the harder it is. Exactly, so you can do that for 20 seconds, you’re gonna feel it All right the next one is mountain climber. They’re a little difficult, don’t do these on a table Only do them on the floor, but this works out pretty good Look at that. There goes his microphone. If these are something you’ve never tried before, you might start with one leg up Real slow Brad. Yeah exactly like that So as it gets better then you can start picking it up Now what we failed to show Brad Is that in between So what I recommend Is doing a little bit of core workout while you’re resting. So you did the 20 seconds Then you lay down and you can start with a little bit of core workout. Again if you’re a beginner, you can just start by just touching the heels like this And do this for a couple minutes, you’re kind of catching your breath a little bit, and then you can also, my shorts always go up, out right. We gotta get some duct tape We could tape them up with it, and if you get a little better you can start doing some fluttering like this. That’s quite a bit harder if you haven’t done that one, so that one is not gonna let you rest as much Next one Brad is we did the Burpees Next one I call bed Burpees, yes I invented these Now normal burpees are you go all the way down you kick out and come back up again. What Brad and I hate about these is right here when you’re going down look how rounded I am It puts a fair amount of stress on your low back If you got a healthy back and you like doing them, that’s fine, I have no problem with it but as you get older It’s not something you want to do, things change, So you’re gonna use a counter top or a bed and what you’re gonna do, Brad will show from the side So basically, gonna go down, you kick out kick back and then you can kick up like this. Down, kick back, Brad this is a family show. Okay I’ll go to another core one Brad. Now this is a good one just for the obliques Lay on your side This leg’s underneath, this one’s up like this. I put this hand here and I start just doing a little bit of obliques here Again I’m catching my breath but I’m working my core This is one of those things it’s nice to have a timer so you can actually look at a clock on the wall. Yeah you’re gonna want to do it for two minutes, do it on your cell phone so you can see it, but don’t just guess because You really should keep on track. I just watched this show last night called “The Good Doctor”, really good show, and he’s autistic and he times everything. Brushing his teeth, All Right next One Brad is just regular old jumping jacks, you know anybody can do these But it’s working your whole body and you can pick up the speed if you want to, it’s gonna depend on the individual. Yeah for some people that’s gonna be too easy, for some people it’s gonna be just about right. And then if that’s too easy stick with one of the other ones. You can get your heart rate up on those, what I’m gonna do is go ahead while I’m working my core a little bit here, I’m gonna go ahead, just do opposite arm opposite leg, Again, works the back, works the core Catching my breath Working out good, I’m kicking Brad. Yeah the ball works out really good for this If you’re a new beginner, this really gives you stability Or if you’ve got a back problem but it’s fairly good, I use the ball because of that, it really stabilizes that back. You still get a good workout. But again, the cooldown, this is the rest period, just doing some active recovery And then the last one Brad? High steppers So you can just put your hands out, You don’t have to put your hands out, you can just work it like this. This is like that Seinfeld episode where they’re in the hallway. You can tell they’re gonna breathe a little harder, but yeah and then you’re gonna want to cool down for the last part, and I don’t know got anything else you want to do core-wise? That’s a good one, make it a little harder like this. Because this one’s not that hard but you’re cooling down and you can alternate those legs and you’re laying flat, you can relax and breathe a little bit okay Then do a little rotation especially if it’s your last one, you’re cooling down, You got your nine minutes in, that seems kind of weird Bob, I got my nine minutes in this morning but again that nine minutes is equal to 45 Minutes, this kind of relates to our little problem Brad. Remember, we can fix just about anything, except a broken heart, I put it right on you last time, it looked kind of cool, I’m gonna do it again Well We got this thing up here that’s the same color, but yeah we’ll work on that. Alright thanks a lot. you

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  1. This is absolutely misleading
    This is not going to give you the boosted mitochondria and capillary densities that come from sustained stressing of the endurance systems, nor the increased heart stroke efficiency

  2. If this was true, cross country and endurance athletes would NOT still be logging 100 mile weeks to achieve elite level success- they would just do intervals on the track

  3. Firstly, I like these guys a lot! Second, the video is really pretty funny if you click on the three dots in the top corner and set the playback speed to 2x and watch starting from the 5 minute mark onward😂 (I was watching it that way to save time —and maybe get the workout down to 30 seconds instead of a minute lol)

  4. Here, let me summarise the entire 11min. video in four letters for you:


    You're welcome. Now go and enjoy the rest of your day.

  5. Summery: Short, intense exercises, w/ warmup transitions between each for 9 mins. equals 45 mins. of jogging. It is written.

  6. This whole anaerobic exercise being better than aerobic exercise myth was put to bed years ago, why do people still believe this? Anaerobic training gives quicker short term results, but is harder on the body and the results start plateauing after 6-8 weeks. Aerobic exercise is less taxing on the body and can give decades of continued improvements in aerobic power and capacity.

  7. Burpees hurt my wrists so I use a stepper so I don't have to go all the way to the floor. It helps alot with my wrist issues.

  8. Interval training is a great way to workout (and train you to recover faster). If you dont know what that is you would do moderate until you get to a level heart rate, then go high intensity for as long as you could, then do moderate until your heart rate goes back down. Eventually you'll need less amount of rest in between because your body will recover faster. If you have a heart rate monitor it makes it easier.

  9. Yes mitochondria increased. This isn’t just for time savings, it also saves wear and tear on the body- pounding the pavement for 45min for your heart when you could just jump rope or use a stationary cycle for 9 is an obvious benefit as well. Sprinting bad idea for bone health unless you’re a kid!

  10. thanks for the guidance and examples! My work involves long hours "do more with less" insane productivity requirements, in the car a lot. Every time I get an exercise routine going work creeps in and swallows up my time. When I get a day off I barely move from fatigue so its a vicious cycle. . I really dont want to develop diabetes.I can do 9 minutes !, and invest in a stand up desk for homework. A life rope for my physical and mental health until I can find a better schedule.

  11. I did HIIT for six months as part of a university study. There was a bit of improvement, but it was not enough to justify the fact that I hated doing it. I stopped as soon as the study was over.

  12. I wonder, is this HIIT training also suited for free stroke swimming?
    Thank you for everything. Ik watch from Greece, every evening one film.

  13. This is too tiring to be honest. I hate this.

    Why not just stick steroids on my butt cheeks, eat potato chips on the couch and wait for my fat to melt and muscles to get fit.

  14. Just get on MTB 7 days a week and cycle up a forest hill track
    for an hour and half and then fly back down it (preferably without coming off)
    I’m 66 and I do this, it’s much better fun though it can be gruelling when it’s
    raining but as an ex hill runner you eventually begin to enjoy hitting yourself
    on the head with a hammer, even better when you stop.

  15. Simple math

    It happens with our cars too.

    When we use cruise control, our vehicles waste significantly less gasoline versus sudden accelerations…

    More gasoline wasted equals more calories burned.

  16. Fartlek training was invented by a Swede and is probably the origin of the interval workout alternating anaerobic and resting or aerobics.

  17. Im gonna try to incorporate this into my bag work for Muay Thai. I'll go as hard as i can for 20 seconds, and go light for 2 minutes.

  18. Covert Bailey (he's 88 now) wrote FIT OR FIT in 1978. In 1990 he had a PBS series in which he explained this type of exercise done by walking 2 minutes then running really fast for 20 seconds, etc. which he called Wind Sprints. He said it would make the cells think you were going to keep running that fast and they'd make more mitochondria and you'd have better "butter burners" He was a funny guy with lots of good information. Glad to see his method was proven by a University in 2017.

  19. I think your theme song should be a hit record! I had a TKR 1 1/2 years ago. My physical therapy was about an hour away, and traffic could cause me to be late to my 1/2hr appt. So I decided to go the you tube route and go in once every other week to PT. You 2 are the ones I watched everyday (practically) for 3 months. It wasn't so much your insight and exercise tips, it was your theme song. Seriously, you helped immensely!

  20. Not only did you show me some great exercises you also made me laugh and as everyone knows laughter is the best medicine.

  21. ok, these guys are my latest YouTube faves! These guys give good info and make me laugh. Blows my mind that they can do all those exercises and still chit chat l like they are sitting down chillin'!!

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