Scooptram Automation Total

The mining industry has always been a major
contributor to the prosperity of our society. Almost everything we use today has been extracted
from the ground – in one way or another. Underground mining has historically been a
hard and dangerous job,- -pushing both humans and machines
to work to their absolute limits. This – to achieve a better future for coming generations. Today, state-of-the-art technology has led us
to new levels of safety and efficiency- -in underground mining, assisting people in physically
demanding operations and creating demand for new. The Scooptram Automation Total package sets new
standards in the industry by enabling a fleet of- -loaders to work with the highest level of automation. Mass mining methods require enormous efforts to prepare the ore body for an efficient extraction without disruptions. The Traffic Management system is the core
of the Scooptram Automation package. The system operates the fleet and eliminates the
risk of collisions in the common drifts. The area is fully isolated with safety barriers that shuts off the system if personnel or unauthorized vehicles accidentally enter. It is possible to bring new vehicles into the area
and add them to the Traffic Management System- -without stopping the production using
the check-in/check-out procedure. – Ok, It’s done.
– Taking over LD01 at gate 2. Over. The vehicles work in a common information environment, integrating with the mine’s Fleet Management System- -and production scheduling systems,
with dispatching and data analysis. The Traffic Management System that handles the loader’s fleet can be integrated with tactical data- -that can be used for instance in preventing dumping of the ore into the crusher bin if the crusher is full. The system is compatible for use with other tele-remote
machines manufactured by other OEMs. The automation area can be divided into local zones,
which can be independently shut on or shut off- -depending on safety or operational requirements. Semi-autonomous operations are possible. In teleremote mode, the operator carries out the mucking and tramming to the dumping point,- -while the dumping and tramming back
to the mucking point are done autonomously. The load assist function optimizes the mucking process,
making the whole cycle even more consistent and efficient. Scooptram Automation Total represents the highest level of loader automation and brings new standards- -of productivity and safety to underground mining. The mining industry has never been
as safe and efficient as it is today.

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