Seated Lat Pulldown (Hammer Strength)

What’s going on Hermanation? I’m going to show you guys how to do a seated lat pull down on the hammer strength machine now the form I’m using on this machine can also be used if using a cable machine or Another machine in the gym that represents a lat pull down okay. This one is an isolated arm one so both Arms move Independently and all it does is help you have to have more control of the exercise Which is pretty cool works muscles a little more what you’re going to do is you’re going to put your seat to a height So that when you sit down your feet are tight your legs are 90 degree angle your knees Okay, grab the handles put your hands in the middle of the handles, okay? And you’re gonna pull them down and keep your wrists straight and you’re going to maintain a neutral spine And now the way these machines are made What you all you have to do is It puts down on you for you, and now you see how my legs are nice and comfortable, arch my back While keeping my wrists straight, I’m going to pull down and I’m going to keep my elbows in line with my hips okay Just like this Come back up Don’t fully extend but keep everything tight, in your back on the way up and all the way down keep all those muscles pinched Breathe out the way down on the way down again back arched, neutral spine, wrists straight, knees at a 90 degree angle elbows in line with hips And that’s how you do is seated lat pulldown For great information feel free to subscribe to my channel and as always more good stuff coming soon. Later guys

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  1. Gosh i love this machine because you just have to kick the thingy when you sit.
    It would be great when you are using straps

  2. I'm lucky to have one of those machines at my gym. Which is better both arms or single arms at a time?

    I much prefer the new monkey intro BTW 🙂

  3. Any difference with grasping the bar with your thumb above instead of below like you did in the video. preference or performance ? As always 5 stars / thumbs up

  4. cool, but i think you should've included what not to do for the lat pulldown, namely pulling it behind your head, which you see in the gym all the time and can lead to injury of the neck and shoulder muscles, and exacerbate forward head position

  5. @cherrydog9 if you rock climb you should do it behind your head to simulate the activity… but no need to show whats wrong.. dont want to confuse people.. just showing what is right is easiest to understand 🙂

  6. @seBlitz

    You're either not locking your shoulders down/back (properly isolating the lats) and bringing them too far up on the negative or simply using too wide of a grip (this machine is not good for wide- stick to the cable pulldowns for wide). I did 10+ sets on this bad boy last night at the gym, it also kills my forearms/grip after about the 6th set.

  7. Scotty, I *die* every time I see someone rowing (leaning back and forth) while doing pull-downs. It has me ready to hurl a kettlebell at them. >_<

  8. Why not full range (letting arms fully extend)? Why not behind the head? Since forearms will always give out first in a maximum effort (because they are the weakest link in the chain of muscles involved)…losing your grip…., why not have a training partner apply additional resistance directing onto the elbows (by-passing the forearms) so that the lats get additional resistance while the forearms do NOT. This will allow true lat failure rather than loss of grip long before lat failure.

  9. @scotthermanfitness perfect, always keep the elbows pointing at the hips ALWAYS. To many people flare out those elbows

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  11. Hey! Can you suggest a good alternative for the hammer strength lat pulldown? My gym does not have this machine…

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  13. you should try: Pull Ups (wide grip), assisted pull ups, Barbell lift from chest right up, all of them work the upper Latissimus Dorsi muscle. For the lower Latissimus Dorsi Muscle, Rombois and Trapezius, try: Barbell Bent Over Row, Smith Machine Bent Over Row, One arm Downbell Row (alternate arms)

  14. Some how help, but if you struggle with the wide grip pull ups, try the Lat Pull Down Machine or as show in this video, the Hammer Strenght Lat pull down that works the Upper latissimus muscle, you may also work your Rhomboids, Trapezius and Bicepts, since those muscles also are needed in the Pull up's routine.

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  16. I have no freaking clue what you say from 0:33 to 0:36 but thanks for the video man, this is gold advice to keep good form.

  17. How can I work on fixing my form if I keep feeling this exersice in my biceps and traps? Lats is like the hardest muscle for me to trigger…

  18. I see lots of people (probably every 6 out of 10) pulling the grips all the way down to the mid chest. Can someone confirm that they are only suppose to be pulled down to the shoulder (so the bars are level ish with your shoulders)?

  19. Is there any substitute for this? We do not have this machine in the gym. I was wondering if I could sub it for a v-bar lat pulldown?

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