Senator Bernie Sanders On Healthcare And Cardi B | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. Bernie has been getting rich in a capitalist society by preaching socialism. He's been taking advantage of kind and caring nature of new england people. He guilts and preys on good natured people to give him money or a vote. The vote is worth more monetarily. He'll have a third mansion if elected.

  2. Hypocrite Bernie Sanders exploitation of his staff paying them less than $15 per hour. Bernie is a con, a fake, and a phony.

  3. MSNBC just admitted millions Of Americans don’t have health insurance. I thought OBAMA care made health insurance affordable? Liars and cons.

  4. So Bernie, you have to CUT YOUR STAFFS HOURS to get them to $15 a hour. The same employees who were making $17 an hour.. further proof that you are clueless.

  5. Why are we supposed to do what every other country is doing when we are the best place on earth with the best military and a functioning system

  6. Imma go abuse the free healthcare when its out imma go get a robot hand a cooler heart then imma smoke cigs 24/7 then get my lungs replaced

  7. "I like my healthcare, it's expensive but I like it";0;s
    This is from 2016, but it still gives you approximately how much you'd pay under Bernie's Medicare for All. But EVERYTHING will be included: general check-ups (no copays), vision, hearing, procedures.
    Put in your info and check it out.

  8. Those numbers in the beginning arent accurate. Mercatus Institute (sponsored by the kochs who do not want universal healthcare) last year said our current system is expected to be 4.7T and m4a is $32T.

  9. Funny how none of the liberal outlets are covering, how this communist hypocrite, isn’t even paying his own staffers 15 dollars a hour.

  10. My coverage sucks. So does yours. If you think your insurance is good you just haven't used it enough

  11. His tax height is crazy while my family doesn’t reap benefits. I did everything right in life to take care of those that didn’t? NOT FAIR!
    Plus He cut his employees hours to pay them the $15 he keeps promising American. Proving he’s a dumb$$ fool.
    Trump 2020 and forever. ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇮🇱❤️TRUMP
    If it wasn’t for trump Iran would have more nukes to fulfill their promise to destroy Israel. Our unemployment would be high. We’d have more refugees to monitor & our economy would not be good. Numbers don’t lie.

  12. No need to subscribe to corporate media news on YouTube. They’re shoving it down our throats anyway.

  13. Sanders is a good man who cares for all people.

    Him and Warren are the only ones who have any actualy plans for anything and any way to detail their plans

  14. How do you pay for it?? news flash… I'm already paying for it, every paycheck since the day I started working… $22.00 a week out of my pay check. I'm also paying $390 a month out of my paycheck for the United Healthcare family plan and dental… One could argue that your Medicare tax might go up, but it wouldn't be anywhere close to what I'm paying now. Meanwhile, you could go ahead and roll V.A. and Medicare into one massive government plan. Instituteing a 1% tax on the profits of pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and insurance companies would probably generate a couple billion dollars really quick. Take a little for the $1.4 trillion annual defense budget. Shut down the ongoing 20 year wars in Iraq and Afghanistan might save the country a couple of dollars… I'm just an over educated truck driver my dude, but it could work

  15. Literally, this is one of the only two reporters on MSNBC that understands issues and/or is not paid to misrepresent their actual beliefs to promote bad actor candidates like Biden.

  16. I gotta say bernie talking sense to someone like me…i see the discrepancy he speaks of and the upsell is worth it…

  17. MSNBC has dedicated it's entire programming to smearing Bernie Sanders. I encourage a lefties to come on their videos and vote this sh!t down. AND DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO THESE BUMBO CLOTS

  18. Medicare for all is good for yourself, good for your employer and good for your country… What its not good for is your insurance company. Time for them to go.

  19. Shout it from the mountain top ! Senator Bernie Sanders just make a 100% ,no doubt about it case for a Medicare For all Healthcare System. No other candidate can make this happen , Bernie will have hundreds of thousands of people marching in every State in America. The United States is a Fascist Regime ; Mussolini said it “ Fascism is the merger of Corporations and State “ . People are awake and the Political Revolution grows larger and stronger each day. Make no mistake about this, Senator Bernie Sanders will Win the Democratic nomination for President And we will crush Trump across America PERIOD. We have the people, and the people always win✌️

  20. Every study I have ever seen since 2015 says we will be saving about 7 billion with Medicare for all over a 10yr period. But MSMBC would look for what ever one fits their narrative. I will say this wasn't a bad interview though. That first part is my only complaint.

  21. I have insurance through my employer. I never go because of the deductible is so high. It’s just there in case of something major. And god forbid if something happens it would only be partially covered. Medicare for all is the way to go! Bernie is our man! He’s for the people! #bernie2020

  22. 🔥 Bernie 2020!!! Let's put the corrupt establishment dinosaurs in the museums where they belong! Also important, let's put these shills out of bussiness!

  23. Medicare is a great healthcare . My relative just had both eyes repaired , glasses and medicare paid for all but a few hundred . That great .
    Dont be fooled by lies republicans tell you or anyone else!! . If more people were to have this healthcare would help so much and your outta pocket is really not that expensive . Listen up america ..there are better things for us americans then trumps self serving administration .

  24. Boo on MSNBC for misrepresenting M4A as more expensive than today's system when studies show the opposite is true.


  26. God bless Bernie Sanders for the compassion and spirit to fix this country. And god bless ali velshi for giving him the news coverage he deserves

  27. Transition period? It doesnt make sense. During the transition period would ill people be let die if they cant afford to pay? It doesnt make sense.

  28. In UK my 92 year old grandad complained of dizzyness, so I called 999.. the ambulance arrived within 12 minutes and they insisted on taking him to hospital just to make sure he was okay.. At hospital ( west mid ) they kept him there for 2 days for observation and although he wanted to come home, they still wanted to be sure that he was okay. When they did send him home, the aftercare was excellent, they telephoned for weeks to provide his FREE medication and ensure that he was visited twice a week by medical professionals who still visit him to provide the adaquate care he needs ( even though he lives in the family home with my parents who also take care of him ). Cost = £ 0.00

  29. When Trump flames out in 2020, the country will need Medicare for All to cure Post Trump Stress Disorder (PTSD).

  30. Why don't some people understand that Medicare for all will free up the funds that the companies they work for use to pay for their current insurance. Meaning more money on their paychecks…. Uhhhh duhh

  31. People think cardi is stupid because she uses slang but that is just the way she talks. She wouldn't be where she is and influential as she is if she was stupid.

  32. My Remicade was upwards of $25k/yr. Aetna premiums $1000/ mth.
    That drug is covered in most modern countries who have Medicare for all system (Canada, Australia, Sweden Denmark)
    We need to move in that direction ASAP

  33. Two millionaire criminals with with visions of being communists with a bunch of morons following them on social media think they are going to run the USA? Isn't this where the red flag laws come into effect?

  34. Feel the bern guys! Please !!!! Vote for this great man. Look at his record of fighting for us, the working class. We deserve it. Our taxes should benefit us. Not the rich !

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