Senators Don’t Know What’s In The Healthcare Plan They Passed

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  1. The healthcare bill is in a superposition of good and bad; and if we measure it the wave function will collapse along with +20 million Americans to either state!

  2. Not to worry, in two years, when they find out how badly they've been fucked, you'll have been reelected and then it's too late.

  3. You know what's really happening here, they know republican is not going to win the next election, so they screwed things as bad as possible, so who ever becomes president next will face huge problem and been blamed and democrats are screwed again so republican can come back at 2024

  4. When did this kind of nonsense become normal? Can we just stop the crazy and go back to talking like at least semi sane human beings?

  5. Democrat here, you know what this reminds me of?
    …..Obamacare. It was passed the EXACT same way. Oh, or did you all forget?

  6. And the recent Colbert ratings drop down way below Fallon again….. People are just tired of hearing about Trump 24/7. Get some new material and gain some viewers. Being an anti-Trump, Globalist, DNC boot-licking shill isn't enough to keep a network show on the air.

  7. "Don't mind me, I'm just polishing my guillotine",
    on an unrelated subject, does anyone have a pitchfork and some torches I can borrow?

  8. Anytime i can hear John Baptiste snarfing in the corner, or saying generic hype man stuff like "yeah yeah das right" , or just repeating a punchline Stephen said i immediately dislike the video.

  9. It's easy then. Just vote no. Unless, your soul has been corrupted by greed. We will see who's soul has been poisoned by greed by how they vote.

  10. I hate to admit it but I had to force myself to listen to those idiotic Trumpee radio and tv shows like Fox News. Man, I implore you all to take the time to actually listen to these Trumptards, especially on the radio. It's unbelievable because they are not of this world. I don't know what parallel universe they are from but I know they are not from here.

  11. Stephen is a liberal media minion punk bitch . How that be sounding Stephen .  The libturds didn't know what was in it you puke and neither do you . You just read the monitor and say what you posto say bitch

  12. People still vote Republican even when they said f u to them. Smh look at all the recent special election. Can't fix stupid

  13. What is your fix Colbert?  Why don't you shut your crying ranting cakehole and come out to SW Ohio and give us your fix!

  14. Nancy Pelosi herself said that he only way to see what is in our current Obama Care plan was to pass it. So what does it matter? Guess we do not have very good lawyers in congress because you never sign anything until you read it. And that is what got this mess to begin with. Those idiots voted for something they could not read.

  15. The Senate REJECTED the repeal of the repeal of yet another repeal, see a common denominator here.. ITS called SEDITIOUS Conspiracy with over tones of Extortion, this whole administration has violated TITLE 18, and te 71 year old delinquent problem of Mal Adaption has violated ARTICLE 3 Section 3 day after day… Proof– Drones sold to Saudi, 15 out of 19 terrorist 911 SAUDI SAUDI And SAUDI… Adhering to an Enemy, providing aid and comfort to an Enemy, only a nut wit nothing in the head plays a game of ill repute with American's as the prize.. Yet there are threads and threads of those that love this nutbag and think he is God Sent.. WHICH GOD, HADES??? What GREATE or GRATE does he Refer. Impeachment not going to happen, why his munchkins sit in the lollipop guild dancing around the cartoons from Disney's Fantasia..


  16. I am enjoying the crucifixion of the GOP, but keep in mind that many prominent Democratic congressmen and leaders are vehemently fighting universal healthcare. The GOP is just doing what they do, prostituting themselves to the donor class. But the Dems do the same thing without any coverage and with much less backlash. Hold their feet to the fire!

  17. Would just like to point out that I reported the video for misleading text in the headline, Stephen even said in the video that they moved forward with debate, that isn't a bad thing, they did NOT pass the healthcare bill, it failed to receive the votes, what was passed was the motion to debate, which again is the best possible solution in this case.

  18. Its not really America that needs to get their shit together its our pathetic, idiotic, homophobic, misogynistic "Leader" Trump.

  19. The misinformation in this title annoys me. The Senate did not pass a healthcare bill (or "plan") yesterday.
    Granted, the information in the video is basically accurate. Still, do better, LSSC.

  20. This is why I want to move to Uruguay. Better life, better health care, more liberal existence. Can't stand this country, so sick of being poor and living while the rich determine who lives. Need some freedom before I die. If progressives don't push single payer now there really is no other choice but to decide that Americans are loving their ride to hell in a hand basket. They have the president they deserve and when we start volleying nuclear bombs with North Korea they will salute and really become the victims they long to be. The empire is dead. Where's my fiddle.

  21. It's Shrodinger's cat, haha Shroeder is the kid who plays piano in Peanuts (don't worry I've been there too)

  22. They don't need to know what's IN the bill- just that it'll make the rich even richer, and make "those people" suffer. What else matters?

  23. Nancy Pelosi didn't know jack about Obamacare, where was Colbert then? So biased man and you're not even trying to hide it.

  24. Go ahead and repeal Obamacare and don't phase it out. Just cut it out cold turkey. Why don't you? I want to see the insurance premium of old white men to go through the roof. #ImpeachDonaldTrump

  25. These might not be the brightest people but they have an agenda, influence and they're persistent, you have actual state sponsored propaganda all over your media, and it kinda looks like you're losing your government to lunatics. Why is everyone laughing again? What ever damage he does is permanent and doesn't magically go away after the next election, and thats assuming he loses which lets be honest is probably unlikely given these peoples antics. Welcome To Trump Land.

  26. Well let's be a bit more honest here. It's not that they failed to repeal and replace the ACA. What happened was that they decided to repeal and replace it, and then they decided not to. They didn't fail to vote on it, the process wasn't stalled, and everything proceeded just as it should – it's just that the decision that they came to was not repealing and replacing. Three times. I think they just need to come out and admit that they don't actually want to repeal and replace it. I mean shit, after seven years of thinking about it I hope that any reasonable person would come to that conclusion.

  27. This is typical when it comes to Congress. No one knew what was in Obama care. Nancy Pelosi famously said," We have to pass the bill first to know whats in it." Some Democratic Senators were quoted as saying that they could not possibly know what was in the bill because it's proposal was almost 1000 pages long

  28. So not too long ago I had a cold that lasted for a long time, about 2 and a half weeks. Then one night during a fit of coughing, I started to throw up a thick black fluid. I drove to the hospital emergency room, and found out I had bronchitis. I was given a script for pills and an inhaler. got those filled and got better over the course of the year. I don't have health insurance but still got the care I needed. So what is wrong with out healthcare system?

  29. Stephen contributes to the lowering of the American IQ…I would say he's just another butt hurt liberal but he likes having his shit pushed in…

  30. Republicunts are so dumb, they will vote against the bill because its name reminds them to the previous Bill…

    If you are a stupid Republicunt and you didn't get it, I mean the "Bill" Clinton you fucking moron!

  31. Hey that worked great! Now next time you go to vote you get a surprise president. You vote that you want a president but who you voted for you get told after the vote. 🙂

  32. Our congress is the textbook example of the worst of incompetence, self interest, ineffectiveness, graft, and ignorance. It is a monument to failure and disgrace.

    Learn from our mistakes world. Run your countries better than we run ours. Build better democracies than our decrepit institute.

  33. Just take on what Australia, UK and Canada have and tweek it for US consumption. Free healthcare for every citizen with compensation for taking out private health care. Not perfect but a bloody good system already being practiced in advanced western democratic countries. Done!

  34. If the Republican representatives had any blood at all in them or any gooleys down their pants, they would go and kick Trump's pity arse right out off the oval office and keep kicking until the last shi*tstain is gone for pulling stunts like demanding their vote for a bill the contents of which he holds in secrecy. What Trump practises is f*cking dictatorship.

  35. Dear people from the Late show, please do what Samantha Bee does with her show, add: Act 1, Act 2 etc to your titles. I was planning on watching back 2 nights of shows but it would be better to see in what order.

  36. Trumpees are you feeling stupid now? Your own leaders wouldn't tell you what the hell they are planning for you.

    How stupid can you get?

  37. Anyone who supports this bill needs to put a gun in his mouth and squeeze the trigger. Mitch McConnell, you're first! That's a show I would watch. Do you Republicans think there will be no consequences to this type of anti-democratic shenanigans? There will be consequences to trying to install a non-representative government. That's what this healthcare bill represents, the end of representative government. I am willing to die to preserve our democracy, like so many other Americans who have died to make sure that all Americans enjoy the same rights and freedoms not just the rich. Rich people need to remember that they taste just like chicken.

  38. Mitch McConnell is a factual living piece of shit. I wish his constituents would vote him out. It's been a long time coming

  39. This is going to be the best Healthcare Plan ever. The best. I didn't tell anyone about it because there are people….

    … who leak Top Secretive stuff to fake news journals. Meanwhile, covfefe….

  40. I'm just realizing the Republicans are self-destroying themselves. They won't get another Republican president in the next twenty years.

  41. No problems will come from passing it because it would not kick in for 2 years? You understand how little time that is with political delay games? Senate can easily run out the clock against anyone who fights it for 2 years. When it comes to doing nothing positive, even in delaying taking positive action, congress and senate are THE EXPERTS on that. Passing a horrible bill that has a 2-year kick-in time means the bill WILL kick in as they political hacks run the clock out.

  42. Stephen Colbert, I can't believe how fucking stupid you are. The ACA only made insurance available NOT affordable you dim bulb. Also, Nancy Pelosi did not read the Obamacare bill. She said you had to pass it before you could read it. She, like you, are the dumbest bunch of morons on the planet. All you know how to do is whine, whine, whine if you don't get your own way. The liberals are the biggest hypocrites on the planet. You feel good murdering unborn children because you disguise it as a woman's right to choose. Then you are horrified when a man (with a penis) who identifies somehow as a female wants to use my fucking bathroom and I don't want "IT" to. My rights are wrong and "ITS" rights are important. You keep pandering to your little liberal audience. They love shitheads like you.

  43. Haha! Oh man so funny you know it's really funny when Stephen jokes about politics instead of talking about politics right?

  44. i dont think the united states has the required number of taxpayers to pay for national healthcare for everybody

  45. This is why the American political system is so fucked up. No-one has to take responsibility. They only have four god damn years on that chair, and once they're done in it, no one will, and shall clean up their mess. Remember Bush? He started that god damn war in the middle-east, your troops are still there and no one is doing anything, Obama was a great president, no one can deny that, but he still didn't deal with a lot of problems that the Bush administration has passed on to him, which some of those problems came from the Clinton administration, but you get my point. No one is coming in to sweep the poop off the floor. Like I'm just saying, this is the shit that starts Revolutions. Once habits of the old generation start to disgust the views of the new, they will be other thrown, IE the american civil war. Or it might just be some other third party who speaks the voice of the people, and plays at their heartstrings, so that they can climb over the double decaying corpses system and establish a trinity of them.

    Anyways, I need some popcorn.

  46. Goodbye to US Dem-oc-racy
    It sure was good to know you for so long.
    But now that Trumps in charge,
    He's tearing you apart,
    and the senate doesn't even know, what is going on!

    Goodbye to US Dem-oc-racy,
    it sure was good to know ya,
    we're sure we won't be seein ya
    for muuuuch, loooonger now.

  47. Who else wants trump to have a massive, long lingering heart attack. Where he shits himself and knows it, before he finally dies, on stage near all his children. Then, like in a lot of loving couples, pence, christie, ryan, mcconnel, all of trumps cabinet, nugent, palin, fox news, all died a day later. Is it strange that I put nugents name down before I put palins? Naa.

  48. OK, so, the Republicans keep failing to repeal Obamacare. However, I'm concerned that these repeated failures may induce complacency in the American public. The republicans could still manage to repeal Obamacare, at which point we'd all be fucked.

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