Serratus Anterior Strength Test

In this video I’m going to demonstrate muscle strength testing for the Serratus Anterior Hi, and welcome back to Physiotutors. The Serratus Anterior is one of the most important scapular stabilizers, but it is often underdeveloped Its main task is to draw the shoulder blade laterally forward To conduct the test instruct your patient to Flex the arm to 90 degrees And you’re then going to apply a backwards directed pressure Through the longitudinal axis of the humerus that your patient should resist This would be a negative test in a positive test you would observe scapular winging Alternatively you could ask your patient to do a wall pushup where you again check for scapular winging To make it even harder You could ask your patient to do a regular floor pushup. Alright this was our video on muscle testing for the Serratus Anterior I hope you enjoyed this video if it was helpful to you leave the thumbs up subscribe to our channel if you haven’t and You can check out more muscle testing videos right here. This was Andreas for Physiotutors. I’ll see you next time. Bye

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  1. How to tell if I've torn mine? Sharp severe pain when breathing around shoulder blade. Deep inside chest. After military press. I've got better now only hurts tiny tiny bit after a 9 month rest? What can I do? Should I strengthen something?

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