Sex and Prostate Health: What Men and Women Need to Know for Optimal Prostate Health!

it’s funny I’m giggling again already
because we did a couple of things on prostate massage and we had thousands of
views on it so I know it’s that this is a topic of interest and importance thanks again for joining us on another
segment of our second act with Paige and Silke we’re continuing a conversation
with Tiffany Yelverton of entice me the founder and chief what as sexnista right
Tiffany thanks I always say that AHA what Tiffany is back with us and
today we’re talking about the man we you know what do we as women need to
understand about the man’s sexual health especially as it pertains to prostate
health well I think that we always have thought or assumed that male pleasure
always comes from the penis and that an ejaculation and orgasm happen at the
same time and that’s a simultaneous like one thing but it’s actually two separate
things and in men it just happens to usually happen together but men can also
have non ejaculatory orgasms so if they’re having some erectile dysfunction
or losing an erection during intercourse there are other ways that men can
experience pleasure and one of them is through the prostate it’s fun giggling
again already because we did a couple of things on prostate massage and we had
thousands of views on it so I know that this is a topic of interest and
importance you know men kind of skirm them a little bit some some
we’re enticed pardon the pun but I think that you know what’s important about
prostate health one is to understand that from a woman’s perspective I’m
talking now that if your husband husband your partner you know is having trouble
with getting you know maintaining an erection that it could be it’s not you
you may not be you know you may not be he’s not
attracted to you but that is something physiological and that it’s something
that the swollen prostate gland and again we’re not doctors we’re you know
you know we’re not trying to dispense medical advice however that by massaging
the prostate you relieve some of that pressure and can actually prevent
prostate cancer and that’s from a doctor who I talked to would you agree I do
agree so the latest studies have said that for men 21 ejaculations orgasms
among cut down on prostate cancer by up to 30% so when we have prostate massage
that actually the prostate orgasm that comes from that actually clears out more
even ejaculate out of the prostate than a typical penile ejaculation so that’s
why it’s clearing out that the fluid you’ve been more and so it’s benefiting
even more than a typical ejaculation or orgasm okay so I’m going to ask you a
really stupid question because if I have that other people have
it – absolutely so when you when you ejaculate by stimulating the prostate
it’s still I mean that it’s Jack you lates through the penis that’s with you
all the flu what your cleavage right same flu fluid but just because you’re
putting pressure there it’s going to and that organ itself the prostate is going
to be experiencing its own contractions it’s going to release more ejaculate and
sometimes there’s no ejaculate released but typically if there’s a lot of
buildup and more will be released yeah so when like men where we’ve taught
we’ve joked about you know while he’s back they hadn’t had sex for so long
he’s backed up that’s that’s a real thing – and when men aged about 50% of
men at 50 have an enlarged prostate and that just increases about 10% for every
ten years and so being able to stimulate the prostate it really does help a lot
and it’s a it’s very pleasurable men report that it’s about
ten times stronger orgasm than a typical orgasm yes yeah yeah I think everybody
knows but maybe not let’s just be explicit I mean this is talking about
anal stimulation stimulation through the rectum and that’s how you access the
prostate it’s the same in utero it’s the same tissue as the female g-spot so it
is a very pleasure oriented object so you know again it’s something that
people get squirmy by you and I’m I’m laughing about it again and it that’s
okay it’s okay to not be comfortable with it but the more we talked about it
this can actually can be extremely extremely helpful so yeah anyway so
thank you for talking about it Tiffany well always Lube when you’re doing any
anal stimulation as well and cut your fingernails or wear gloves there we
could do a whole segment on precautions to take prior to but it is pleasure and
it’s a health benefit well and we should say that you have also there’s products
available to do it we can be a partner thing you can do it yourself and then
there’s products that are available to assist correct absolutely okay and I
think you have you have some of those and willing to them as well
you know Tiffany carries great great safe organic product do we call them
organic a lot of them are organic but medical grade is a good way to put it
pop you see okay perfect perfect and that just to follow up and one other
thing you said it’s twenty-one ejaculations a month cut down on
prostate cancer is that this the staff you had so men are you know they’re or
women how how is he going to ejaculate 21 times a month what do you say to that
I would say that most men probably already are and they’re just not telling
their partner that they’re masturbating that much
and will say that they masturbate once a day at least
really so even at even at our age yeah mm-hmm see that’s good to know good to
know so just yeah it’s so it’s a good thing masturbation is a good thing
because you may cut down on on prostate cancer
oh that’s funny well is there anything else that you’d
like to add on this topics you know doctors and I’m sure you’ve had doctors
on there on your show before but doctors used to do prostate massage to lower B
pH which is the benign hyperplasia the but the fluid that’s in the prostate
that’s the benign fluid before prostate cancer but now it’s just easier and
faster to give a pill so a lot of times they don’t do that but that used to be a
typical medical procedure that was done in office it’s interesting interesting
to know well and you know what when I did some research on this the the
treatment like you said the pill that cause I can cause you’ve got a child
even more right yeah interesting okay well lots to think about again we
will you know Tiffany thanks so much you’re so fun to talk to if you have
questions that you know don’t be embarrassed you don’t have to post them
publicly private messenger us I will link you know to Tiffany’s information
give her a call she has great you know over and above the products she carries
you do tell us about that briefly you do coaching so I do coaching for the
individual link couples and a lot of times sexual concerns are a big part of
my practice because we don’t really know if something’s wrong with just us or if
it’s just normal and so overcoming those and just having
someone to talk about things to you is really helpful yeah well and at our age
you know there’s a lot to talk about we have a lot of baggage or a lot of
histories but we have a lot of yeah a lot of history and lots of us are
starting over so this is this is a good time and a good conversation to have so
thank you again for joining us and we’ll see you soon on another episode of our
second act with Paige and selca bye-bye thanks so much for joining us today and
I hope he finds information helpful if you haven’t already done so please just
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