Sex Hormones In Males And Females | Why Is Sex So Addictive For Humans | Sex Education For Teenagers

today we’re going to talk about the six
hormones in males and females we want to hear more about this learn new things
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this is hormones in males and females what are the dip what is the difference
is there any difference is there anything new is there anything strange
what do you do you did you know did you know that there are hormones in your
body whether you’re male or female there are hormones in your body that that
control your sexuality that control your use your gender there are hormones in
your body there are moments in your body that when the child is is is formed in
the mother’s womb in the mother’s womb there are homers there are there are
chromosome chromosomes the chromosomes as there is X chromosomes and believes
my Y chromosome those are two hormones that you find in it between a human
beings when it but baby is formed remember when the the way they were I
wonder if you did learn I’ve been I’ve got many videos that teach about
reproduction reproductive Rabaul the reproduction and stuff how the baby is
formed and how how to have some how to get pregnant and all that kind of stuff
so go go and and and go through them go through the playlist and check out those
videos but then when the baby is firmed remember this firm sell this firm sell
this firm egg goes goes into a goose goes through the sperm when a man should
know ejaculation to a woman this bum goes and an end of human and not know
where the woman is ovulating the man releases sperm and then they to the to
this firm sell the sperm egg meets the ovary the ovary and then they they
activate each other the fantail and they fertilize
they fertilize each other after they fertilize each other then usually
what usually happens is is that the baby usually carry only the flesh the flesh
you can read your mother’s flesh you carry your mother mother’s place and
then you carry that the what is inside of you the blood inside of you is your
father’s do no human being you do not carry your mother’s blood you never
carry your mother’s plan you carry your mother’s DNA which is the
flesh the flesh this flesh on top here your mama gave you the blood inside that
runs inside your father gave you your father give you so kind of like kind of
like the egg this farm self goes and shoots and enters inside the ovary
enters in shoots and it enters inside the woman’s egg it shoots like Sicily
this person is like a spear it’s a cell that has a tail like this is a spear
so it should have a look at that diagram there on top it says you say it shoots
and then when it and when it meets the overlay which is the woman egg how it
fertilizes it is it should stand it busts it and it enters inside of it then
then that egg that has been fertilized goes in in and sticks when this sticks
by the uterus sticks on the walls of the uterus there it sticks there that’s why
you find then after three weeks then the woman was that getting symptoms of
pregnancy and then she was that saying she said she will go to the clinic
because of the symptoms morning sicknesses and all that infirmity of
growing up in moments and then they will tell her that she’s pregnant because
that egg stuck it’s stuck it went in is stuck on there so you find that when the
for those who whoa oh all do abortion who commit I was
gonna say who commit adult who commit who commit abortion but those who do
abortion would those who do abortion they usually once they what the
contraceptives do I won’t say contraceptives but but what the what
what does whatever that they inject with or whatever operations they take is to
peel of that egg bill of that egg because that egg is like superglue it
goes and it loads there it holds this we can start feeding so it can start
feeding on on the madness that’s where you might value the umbilical cord is
joint from the mother in the mother now there is usually this bag this bag which
is the last baby that comes out last that bad that bag is though is that it’s
a flat back look at that diagram again that back sticks on to the uterus like
this it’s stuck on the uterus while the baby is free flying on this side inside
the womb then the bag is stuck on the uterus now on that bag there are veins
that go through that go through through the mother’s blood into the intro to
two-faced food to get food into to suck food and oxygen through the veins of the
matter in oxygen into the umbilical cord so that thing is stuck there then it
forms veins veins that go and stick into the mother’s body into the mother’s womb
so then that’s where the baby feeds but now back to the point because this this
one is not a reproductive video reproductive video you can go because
just giving you a reference but then now you find that the baby gets hormones
since the blood inside is the father’s cause the egg went and it should it
impasse stated it entered inside the ovary which is the mother’s egg so that
be that a the father’s the father’s egg which is
the simmons shoot inside it becomes the blood it becomes the blood is that’s
forming forms the brain everything that forms inside of this flesh you you’re
just carrying your mother’s place this flesh that you’re handling the body is
the ovary inside what everything that is inside is that fantastic that entered
there it’s the father’s egg so now you the the
skeleton and everything is formed from the sperm cell this is the sperm cell
that forms inside this body which is there which is the which is the opening
of the opening opening so now you need you need you need to know you need to
know that this people they did this and their hormones now you find the person
who is the baby who’s inside that has good both the the hormones of the matter
which is within their moments of the father at the Homans of the mother for
both both hormones which is X & Y so then you’ll find that these hormones
that are male and female in one person if I’m like you find that that’s where
you find that the book the baby is born and and the baby is a is a boy but then
the baby has got female tendencies or the baby’s a girl but the baby feels
like a boy and has got male tendencies and all that kind of stuff
so usually the baby the baby is born the baby is born with either one egg one way
or two when were two exits or vice versa then you find that when the baby has got
more the baby is as good girls organs right but then the baby has got more
male more male hormones then you find that the baby will feel like a man that
they start saying then the baby will start saying as they grow up they say
I’ve got a inside I’m a there’s a man who is in a wrong body a female’s body
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beautiful and stylish puts that puzzle together but there is that one piece
missing and only to realize that in jobs is the answer ANSWER Answer ANSWER
Answer have a way of how to go around this
around this we do have a way now I’m gonna give you a few tips of how to beat
this if you are a child who’s struggling cuz you find not everyone wants to have
anybody have a different body yet inside you’re a man maybe you are the man
inside but outside you are a girl if you look at this place
and you look at this penis and you look at the vagina and you you really hate it
and you want to go flat you want to go flat now people call Bill decoders
people names they call them lesbians they call them homosexual they call them
gays but I’m not here to point I’m not a person I’m not the kind of a person who
names things I don’t give names to things
I’m not give names to people I don’t classify people people have people
people have people whether with a lesbian or whatever they do their life
has nothing to do with me it’s none of my business
however they live their lives it’s none of your business it’s none of my
business so but then now if you’ve good if you
really don’t like what you feel inside you if you know if what you feel inside
if you don’t relate it to what you have on the outside then there is one tip
that I need to give you I need to give besides besides being growing around
girls and then you start getting girls tendencies besides all that
besides the influence and the experience you’ve had and know that maybe you were
ripped by by a guy who went to prison maybe you got raped you came out and you
became a female all that besides all that all that now the main one the main
one is dead is that there are different according to your hormones then there
are different things different foods that you actually supposed to eat foods
that you’re supposed to eat their food says you’re supposed to eat and foods
that you’re not supposed to eat there are male foods and there are female
foods in my videos I’ve got a few videos that explain that to you always that
usually explained I always explain the death of men and death of females that
of men and death of females there are things that a man is not supposed to eat
a man is not supposed to eat things like sweets
sweets are not men’s for men Switzer not for men and men are not supposed to eat
fatty foods fatty foods are not for men men a man has got his own type of fat
his own type of oil men are not men males are not designed not made out of
fat men are made are made from muscles muscles form amen
so now when you suppress those muscles when you don’t eat foods that will give
build muscles and you remember fat is the opposite of muscle fat is the
opposite and for those who want to lose belly fat for those who are losing
weight there is no exercise nobody should lie to you nobody should deceive
you no on lines ain’t no on line or whatever
what packages were should lie to you no programs should lie to you that they’re
gonna give you or they’re gonna they’re gonna make you big
eat this and do this for you but the others push-ups is nothing the only
secret behind behind us getting a six-pack and losing that belly fat is to
make sure that you fight off the fat fight of the fat in everyone’s stomach
in everyone but if everyone lower abs that you look at no matter how big they
are underneath it is a man there is a six-pack there is a six-pack and amid
that big belly and all you need to do is is go and remain and take off take off
that take off that fat burn of that fat only you don’t need to do sit-ups and
all that Precepts all that is too much exhausting on the body it’s a all that
causes inflammation of the body it causes inflammation so now all you need
to do is is lower lower the integral fat ain’t no what kind of fat you should
lower you need but first of all there are good fats in there bad fats there
are good fats and bad fats now the good fats are and they have been circulated
mono saturated fats money circulated fats like olive oil like coconut oil
like fish oil like the many oil and cod liver oil then
others are monosaturated for their butts that are very light to do to absorb it
for the body to use now you find there are bad fats but fats like like like
animal fat animal fat others there or that there in fact oh she’s fat
oh that the most of the dairy fat I’m not good for a man not good for a man
and if you’re a man avoid drinking all that fat avoid drinking milk dairy that
above when eating cheese avoid eating they say make me many many many many
dead plants many dead plants are recommending as saying men men should
eat cheese cheese’s filled with protein I know that and I agree with that eggs
are filled with protein or that I to agree but then how the problem is when
it comes to protein there are different types of protein there are protein that
a man a body a human being a human beings body is not designed to digest
that protein is not designed to digest that protein it’s not a protein for a
human beings protein is the Gernon protein human beings person is another
protein and is this there is a again the blue the green algae the the two
spirulina algae spirulina algae that is derived from the Rivas the river that
green stuff you see holding or on the sides of the stones that grows on the
stones of a pond or a river that’s where they get green algae that is the best
bacteria bacteria that is good for the body
Metiria the good bacteria that is filled with protein protein that is digestible
by the body the rest of the protein the particles are too huge there are big
particles they cannot be absorbed and digested by the body maybe probably when
you were still a teenager you used to eat or anything you ate and the body was
fine but then as you grow older as you grow older your body your organs can not
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stuff now back to the point the point was that was foods that you they are
good or is it bad boys good boys and bad boys so oh they are all the animal oils
are not animal fat is not for men it’s not for men don’t do is basically animal
fat is not even good for women either but that the whole that protein is for
animals all that protein is meant for animals
animals so they say they even say chicken breast chicken base mobile guys
it’s good if you cannot actually find the most eggs with a good expensive food
diet put if you if you have to eat chicken don’t eat chicken wings and
don’t eat chicken bread chicken chicken drumsticks because those those are areas
on the chicken where where fat is stored fat is usually stored under the wings
under the wings so if you eat chicken wings as a guy you will always observe
fat you’ll always stole fights your body will store fat
and the more you stuff fat the more you suppress them the male hormones which
are the Masters in the testosterone so the tester if you if you the more you
build muscle they motivate your testosterone go high and the motor
system go high the more your body or the more your penis your balls the more your
your testicles are actually taste this one comes from the autistic girls come
from the what is this sir did they move you last embed them or you make your
woman happy the more you strong as a man so a man has a dad that he shouldn’t eat
that he should eat and he shouldn’t eat so you find that when with the now such
stuff the same stuff and men should know what is supposed to eat now this motor
saturated fats like omega-3 omega-3 is very good for a guy omega-6 which is the
vegetable oil not good for a guy good for women Omega 9 is the animal fat I
mean you don’t need much of Omega 9 yourself you have fat underneath the
skin you have fat you’ve got fat under that skin which is the Omega 9 you’ve
got fat under that skin so that fat under the skin it’s enough for you you
don’t need to you not need more animal fat you’re an animal yourself and you
put fat under that skin so now your own natural fat is enough for you now you
need a certain percentage of omega-6 as well as Omega at Omega 3 now offer a man
the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 omega-6 should be down
omega-6 should shoot I so if you if the ratio is is is 3 is 3 Omega 3 the ratio
the ratio to omega-6 should be 1 so 3 Omega 6 3 Omega 3 and 1 Omega 6 1 Omega
6 so always put omega-3 very high for a man if you really want to suppress their
female hormones because the Middle’s next thing
if you’re suppressing the mellow moments that’s where you find that because of
feeding on foods that that are female female diets like sweets and omega-6
fats from animal fat you find that your home you suppress their male hormones
and then you start acting like a female you start thinking like a woman you
start walking like a female you said this I’m like I again there’s nothing
wrong with that I’m not here to criticize but I’m here
to teach you the science and biology that of what is happening in your body
but what is going on in your body you could be having questions wondering why
me why god hates me why God made me like this why all that kind of why why why
why but then you find that it all has to do with just it just the change making a
little bit of change in what you get look at what you eat look at what you
eat now female females also have a diet and now this foods female have their own
that females are not supposed to eat foods like high-protein foods I pretend
foods are not for females that’s where you find a woman is pushing the man
aside the woman is controlling the man a woman is not – she’s not told what to do
is she stood which is simply because yeah this is suppressing the female
hormones then suppressing the female hormones she’s feeding on food that is
supposed to that is building muscle then she’s building muscle and the next thing
that his dissidents are going I the next thing they’re there are two men under
that one roof so now a woman is not supposed to eat – a woman is a woman
shouldn’t even eat chocolate because chocolate is a man’s food chocolate
chocolate this is a good arouser but ml arouser chocolate is good for
testosterone so you find that a woman is feeding their sister on the muscles are
growing she’s almost getting a six-pack that she shouldn’t even have and then
you find that she is behaving as a man she takes the man and put him in a
corner she’s the one who talks in the house she’s the one who controls the
whole so you find that a man does not talk so these are the male homers
woman what I did that before we finish women have their own debt women can eat
sweets women should eat sweets women should eat because they are hormonal the
emotional and all that kind of stuff so they need sweets switch to put the maybe
when they even their periods and more that kind of stuff women have a lot of
God and then they’re mean apples and all that is a mood swing mood swings and all
that so they need sweets women are the ones who eat sweet women can eat with
super women shouldn’t eat peanuts penis afford SS turn limits are for males
women women should eat fatty foods women need omega-6 so the ratio of omega-6 2 3
4 women sex should be 3 and then 3 should be 1 Omega 3 should be lower for
women and omega-6 should be high omega-6 men shouldn’t take too much omega-3
compared to a German too much omega-6 compared to 3 or 4 men the rich should
be high the six should below for women 6 should be high 3 should below so that’s
the ratio if you want to maintain the hormones and the male and female
hormones in your body everyone remember everybody has male and female hormones
but whatever that you supposed to suppress this is what gives the chest to
the other for the other one to grow so if you are a man it’s like a man act
like a man eventually you will think like a man
if you’re a woman it’s like a woman act like a woman and eventually you will act
like a woman you won’t will be alright you’ll just women are trying to fall
pregnant women are women you find women that can I’ve tried hard to fall
pregnant they can not but how will you how will you when you suppress the
female hormones you’re busy eating that that you’re busy raising up your
decisions are so high you’re thinking like a man your hormones are male you
will you will never never never of you late as you want and get become pregnant
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