Sex Toys | Stoned Mode

[MUSIC] I fucked cantaloupes, watermelons.>>When I was a kid I put my
penis in a vacuum cleaner. And I did that a couple times.>>I have done it in classrooms.

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  1. I subbed to this channel bcus of cheap thrills not some sex channel like wtf u showing 4 billion dildos for like wtf bruH

  2. I just showed my mom this video and she was in shock. I said I would love to buy the biggest one they make, here response was "there are just some things you don't shoe your mother " lmfao

  3. ต้องลงอาคมปลุกเสกก่อนอ่ะเปล่าครับ???ฮี่ๆๆๆๆ

  4. I had a summer vacation working in a sex toy store and I don’t ever want to see a dick in my life again and now I’m watching this

  5. When u go on a date and she asks u so what do u do for a living and your like WELL um uh I make dicks and she says I need the toilet but then she clims out the toilet window and screams and your like Okay And she ditches u ♡

  6. they make tens of thousands of dildos a day, don't try and tell me that no one has tried to smuggle one out.

  7. There has to be some workers who grabs a 20-inch and just says "whoever can take must go freak mode."

  8. So ah terry what line of work are you in. Terry- Ya everyday 9 to 5 I make dildos. Oh that’s special terry your a weird fuck!!!

  9. تدعون للمقحاب يعني وش تدعون للجهاد من عيرك يعني يعيال الشقرا 👏👏✊

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