[SFM FNAF] Strength in unity

[Intro] *Back Again* Toy Chica: O_O So you’re not evil! I have never been evil And I want to say one thing Sorry for everything! Now is the time to fix my mistakes I’ll sacrifice all my power so that your friends could return to the bodies I’ll lose my power but I will help you and then i’m gone Forever *What are you doing* What is he doing? He can’t to do it, he has too little power I’ll help you brother,and also I’ll sacrifice my power Thank You *Together* You did it! *Mangle is back* *Freddy is back* *Chica is back* *Foxy is back* *They are together again* MANGLE! FOXY! *hugs each other* FREDDY! Toy Chica! I have something for you What is it? Look WHAT?! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? MY OLD COSTUME! It looks like new But how? How did you do that? This costume remained in fazbear fright It’s not true When you defeated had springtrap, I was hidden and later I took the costume when Springtrap wanted to blow up the building Then I hid your old costume at the bottom of the box with the bodies of our friends I can’t believe that you risked so much for me Thank you Wait, so all these efforts were only about a stupid costume? Instead of trying to get away from this place, you tried to search for a costume? How cold you be so irresponsible? Freddy, calm down Give them a break Let it be BUT NEXT TIME… Shut up and come with me Enough! Leave my best friend alone and give her time to change the costume Thanks, Mangle Remember, you can always count on me Are you glad that you recovered the costume? Yes, I am really happy Great I’ll leave you alone because i’m sometimes tiring, so see you later *maybe traitor confirmed?* Subtitles by: CosmicMineGT. Rememeber to subscribe to Zajcu37,and share, and see you later. Like the video for Zajcu37

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