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  1. The time is coming soon. The Strength of the Brothers will be there tomorrow. Let's see what happens in the final episode in Season 2! ⛓⚔⛓

  2. All Easter Eggs in this movie:
    1. Kenny (Dark PlaystationX) – 0:09
    2. Dashred (Plushie version) – 0:29
    3. Agata23SFM – 1:20
    4. PlaystationX Gamer74 – 2:29
    5. Argos Head – 4:27
    6. SFM Cup – 5:08
    7. Next Episode Teaser (I know it's ,,Epilogue'') – 7:07

  3. I have to say, that was definitely the best episode I've ever seen. I will be able to react to yours and maybe I will find the Easter Eggs like Kornel 58 did. 👌🤠

  4. What to improve on and what you did good on
    1.) The lighting needs to have more lights and more colored lights add rim lights and put any color into them that makes it seem good

    2.) Dont Rush on your animations it makes your animations looka bit odd

    3.) Add more movements to the models throughout half the video i saw so many movments that could of been usefull to add!

    What you did god on
    1.) i know i said stuff about the lighting but i can tell you made a bit more lights but not to much lights
    2.) ahhh yes you have to put easter eggs ina a video like this i like that
    3.) last amnd but not least the camera movments they have been getting better but can do some working on
    This animation was good i like watching videos like these and i beg of you to please look
    at this comment and see what to improve on and to keep it up making these 🙂

  5. Tech. The mangle endo head should have taken mangles body
    speaking of how it used to be a parrot or Foxy puppet
    But this is Ok

  6. 5 reason why toy Bonnie decided to leave the reasturnt because toy Bonnie looking for circus baby to people said miss toy Bonnie so much 😭 missing

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