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OF ATLAS Greetings Spectators of Myth and welcome to
the next part of Shazam Explained. Whenever Billy Batson speaks the magical word
SHAZAM, he is transformed into a being of enormous power and strength. If you don’t know it already, SHAZAM is
an acronym for the mythical and legendary figures Shazam draws his powers from. These are Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus,
Achilles and Mercury. We’ve already covered Solomon and Hercules. Those are where SHAZAM gets his super-powered
might and intellect from. Whenever Shazam uses the Strength of Hercules
he is granted the same power as the Greek legend we have just described. In the comics, this strength has let him match
Superman in battle, and even push a moon. Whenever Shazam accesses the Wisdom of Solomon
he is granted superhuman knowledge and intuition. The wisdom also provides him with a native
level understanding of all languages. That plus, mastery of warfare stratagems,
battle tactics and hypnosis. However Atlas provides something else entirely,
and it’s perhaps the most important trait of all. It is said that the titan provides SHAZAM
with endless endurance, or if more simply, limitless fuel for all of his magical abilities. But to understand Atlas, we must once again
travel to the distant past and visit the myths of ancient Greece once more. The Titan Atlas was punished by the gods on
Mount of Olympus for his part in the war against them. The king of the gods, Zeus, sentenced him
to forever hold up the cosmos and all that existed. And so, it seemed, the titan would support
everything forever. And while the titan was able to fulfil this
task, he was also to be tormented by a vile beast known as the Hesperian dragon. Legend has it that this multi-headed dragon
guarded the apples of the Hesperides, as well as vexing Atlas. And even with that, the titan held the cosmos
steady. That was until an encounter with Hercules,
the son of Zeus. In one version of this tale, it said that
Hercules helped Atlas by defeating the Hesperian dragon in battle. And then went onto help the titan too. Indeed, Spectators of Myth, Hercules helped
a titan his father punished. According to legend, Hercules used his might
to carve two great pillars on which to support the cosmos. He presented them before Atlas and the titan
placed the cosmos upon them. And, because of that, Atlas was free. Whenever SHAZAM accesses the stamina of Atlas
he acquires limitless energy, meaning he does not fatigue. From interstellar space travel to battling
the super powerful beings, Shazam never tires. He also has no need for rest or, apparently,
oxygen when using the form. And for those of you who don’t know, this
is because the character is rooted in the realms of mysticism and magic, not the world
of science fiction like Superman is. Next up is Z. And that, Spectators of Myth, stands for Zeus. This god-king further augments all of Shazam’s
other power and is also the one who ultimately helps Shazam bring the lightning, granting him immortality
as well as a host of other special abilities. So much so, the power of Zeus, along with
the Speed of Mercury, once let Shazam knockout the Man of Steel.

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