Shearwater Perdix AI Review | All You Can Ever Wish For In A Dive Computer

Shearwater computers are loved all over
the world by technical and recreational divers and this is quite impressive
because the company only exists from 2004. They’re loved for their robustness
and simplicity and that’s exactly why the Perrdix AI is so good. So let’s dive
in! Before we dive in you might want to consider subscribing and liking this
video, it helps us a lot! Also we have brand new t-shirts in our shop. It helps
us keep the videos coming and you also save a shark in the process. Thanks! When you first look at the Perdix you can see it’s built like a tank.
It has a solid housing with 8 screws holding it down. They’re is a depth rating of 850
feet but keep in mind if you go below 400 feet the depth sensor may not be
accurate. One of the biggest selling points in our opinion is the LCD
full-color display. It’s colorful it’s bright and very easy to read. It has
automated brightness adjustment which means when you’re diving in bright
conditions. The brightness of the screen gets cranked up and if you dive in dark
conditions it’s going down, which saves the battery. It’s much similar like your
iPhone nowadays. This also means there’s hardly any glare on the screen. What we
also love is the fact that the information which is displayed on the
screen is dependent on the dive you do. If you do a recreational dive it only
shows the essential information for that type of diving. If you do a technical
dive more information is shown like your certain gas mixture with which your diving with
at the moment or your dive planning and even all your deco stops. It’s even
possible to adjust certain rows in all four displays. To adjust the Perdix
even more to your wishes. The Perdix has many modes and can almost be used in
every type scenario imagined. So you can dive with normal air and enriched air up
to a 100% and up to three different gases. Furthermore the Perdix is a full
decompression trimix computer. It can take on closed circuit rebreathers with
a fixed PPO2. It also has full gauge capabilities and all the calculations are done with a Bulhman algorithm and you can upgrade to
a VPN-B algorithm if you wish to. You can upgrade your Perdix with the
latest firmware and unlike other manufacturers Shearwater actually
upgrades their computers. They’re up to version 53 now. With every Perdix you get free
desktop software with which you can log all your dives. Not like there is
any need to upload all your dives because their products can hold up to
1,000 hours of diving but if you do you can use the Bluetooth connection which
also works with Android and iOS. Shearwater is also nice enough to make their
connection open and you can use other software like from DeepBlue. The dive planner of the Perdix is one of the most comprehensive one I’ve ever seen. It can do full compression models with them and it transfers them in understandable
tables. When you haven’t done a planning and you’re doing a recreational dive and
you press the planning button on a computer underwater. It will show you how
much time it will take to get back to the surface and how much gas it will take.
Another thing we like about the Perdix is the fact that their compass is really
good. I would normally never toss out my analog sk-8 analoge compass but this one
is actually good. The 3x tilt compensation works and you can
definitely use it in real life. So is there nothing wrong with the Predix?
Despite it being an awesome computer there are still some things to be
desired. The battery is not rechargeable, it goes for 300 hours and then you need
to replace it. So the Suunto Eon core and the Galileo
have a leg up on the Perdix there. Despite that the battery is user
replaceable and it takes AA batteries which is fine. There’s a small detail we
like a lot and that’s the fact that you can turn off the dive computer and you
don’t see that too often. Like on Suunto dive computers stays on forever.
Another difference with computers in this category is the fact that most
computers take like eight or nine transmitters and the Perdix only takes
two. You might want to ask yourself if you’re gonna use this. We never dive with
more than one transmitter. So despite these minor things the
Perdix is one of the best, if not the best dive computer. No matter what diving
you are going to do. The Perdix can handle it.
It also holds it’s value. So if you ever want to resell it. That would be no
problem and it’s really just an awesome computer. One thing to keep in mind when
you’re buying a secondhand Perdix: There are actually two versions, the Perdix and the Perdix AI. They used to have a Perdix without the wireless
transmitter and they have introduced a year later one with. You can’t update the
old version to go with a transmitter and this version is still lingering around
on the internet and on web shops so watch out for it!

7 Replies to “Shearwater Perdix AI Review | All You Can Ever Wish For In A Dive Computer”

  1. AA and CR2 batteries is a huge plus in my opinion. You can find these batteries anywhere in the world. This is best diving computer hands down.

  2. Bought my Perdix AI when it came out 2 years ago.
    I can't imagine ever to need another dive computer.
    Super robust and reliable.

  3. I really like the computer. Bought the AI without transmitters. Wish those were more affordable since I'd need to buy two for my sidemount cylinders. Someday I'll get them, but even without AI it's great. Clear display with continuous illumination, great compass that you can actually keep on the screen during normal use and easy controls. I actually feel the AA batteries are a pro not a con. No custom induction charger needed, they last long enough and are easy to get anywhere in the world.

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