Should churches be forced to pay for or facilitate access to elective abortions? | ADF Insights

– Should we be forced to pay for something that fundamentally goes against our core beliefs? That’s what is currently happening to me and the church I love and work for. My church, Skyline, in La Mesa, California is being forced by the state of California to provide coverage for abortion in our healthcare plan. As a Christian, I cannot knowingly pay for or facilitate access to
elective abortions in any way, including through healthcare insurance. Why? Because the Bible, the
foundation for my beliefs, is crystal clear when
it comes to abortion. In the book of Exodus, special care was taken on behalf of the rights of unborn children. An unborn child has its own heart beat with its own blood system 18 days after conception, meaning that before a mother
knows she is pregnant, there is life in the womb. Abortion sheds that blood and that life. It’s for these reasons that we believe abortion goes against the fundamental Biblical belief “thou shall not murder.” Psalm 139:13 talks about God creating our inmost being in our “mother’s womb.” The worth of humanity to God is apparent throughout scripture. We are made in His image. He knows every hair on our head. Not only does God intimately
know us from the womb, but we are also destined from the womb. During Rebekah’s pregnancy, she sought God for his advice and he replied, “Two
nations are in your womb.” From the womb, Jeremiah was called. “Before I formed you in
the womb, I knew you. “Before you were born… I
appointed you a prophet…” And before his birth, the Apostle Paul was destined
to preach the Gospel. A person’s life and destiny are established in the womb. As Christians we’re fundamentally against the destruction of a
person’s life and destiny. The early church was known for saving infants that were cast out beyond the city walls, exposed to the elements by the Romans. Today we continue to be the saving hands and voices for those seemingly unwanted by society. For unborn children, their lives matter. They matter to God and they matter to us. That’s why we’re standing. For their rights and for the rights of religious freedom for all.

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