You just got done with your super HIIT workout,
and with all the sweat and stank on your body, it’s time to hit the showers! As you get ready to turn the shower knob to
boil, you remember that one dude at the gym telling you, “Dude, cold showers are way
better for you.” But of course, you’re not just going to
believe him immediately. You go online, search for videos about it,
and see what’s all the rage. Well, glad you found this video. So let’s jump right into the stone cold
topic. What is all the rage for cold showers? Let’s first take a look at the biggest claim:
Cold showers increasing testosterone. And with a quick observation of related studies,
it’s quite conclusive that the effects of cold showers on testosterone is negligible
at best. In fact, some suggest that cold water immersion
might actually decrease serum testosterone. Along the same lines of possible negative
effects from cold showers, we see that, in comparison to using active recovery, such
as low-intensity cardio cycling, cold water can hinder muscle building factors such as
T-building leutinizing hormones, muscle satellite cells, and muscle protein synthesis via inhibiting
the mTOR pathway. Cold water also reduces inflammation, which
might actually work against muscle hypertrophy since inflammation can serve as a growth signal. And as the study show, the subjects did indeed
see smaller gains in muscle and strength with post-workout cold water immersion
But even though it’s not the best for maximizing gains, there are still some possible benefits
to taking cold showers. Cold water has been shown to increase T helper
cells and lymphocytes, which can improve your immune system. There’s also some indication that it can
increase anti-oxidants, but the effect tends to dissipate over time. And with research showing increases of beta-endorphins
and electrical impulses to the brain, cold showers might also have an anti-depressive
effect. In terms of fitness, there is a chance that
taking cold showers can help burn more fat. In this case, it will do so by activating
brown fat when you’re cold to keep you warm. Also, when coming into contact with cold water,
you’ll notice that initially you’ll respond in shock. This response is explained by cold activating
your sympathetic nervous system, aka, your ‘fight or flight system,’ which will drive
up alertness. This can hypothetically be a great benefit
for those that shower in the morning and need a little jolt of wakefulness. And finally, as mentioned earlier, cold showers
can reduce inflammation. Although not the best thing for muscle growth,
the reduction in inflammation, which leads to reduction of metabolites, can slightly
aid in reducing muscle soreness. However, the trade-off for less growth in
order to be less sore is something to consider. And, it is important to mention that almost
all of these studies used cold water immersions, such as sitting in a cold, temperature-controlled
bath. That’s not exactly the same as taking a
cold shower, where the water runs down the entire body and the exact temperature is unknown. Whether these different cooling methods will
generate similar results is up for debate. But they do indeed share the most important
factor: being cooled with water. Now, sticking to the research, what’s the
verdict on cold showers? For the most part, it’s not exactly necessary
and can hurt your gains if done after a workout. If you do choose to take one, take it in the
morning before training to reap benefits of alertness with a sprinkle of better immune
function and burning fat. For those that are seeing good results from
their workouts while taking hot showers, then by all means change nothing. In the end, just make sure you actually shower,
period. That goes for everyone… Subscribe for more sciency fitness vids, and
share your thoughts on cold showers below. As always, thank you for watching!

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  2. So would it be a good idea to take a warm shower one day then cold next and then so on so forth to get both benifits

  3. Will taking ice cold showers affect gains in strength after a workout or just gains in muscle, because I strictly follow calisthenics workouts and focus more on actual muscle stength over muscle mass

  4. 2 minutes into the video
    Skipped it
    When for a regular shower
    Came back and he still talking

  5. 2:40 – So… you don't effing know, and did eff all to find out!
    And then you add that cold showers 'undo' exercise – WITH ABSOLUTELY NO FOUNDATION!
    Yeah – fuck you, and your bullhockey video.

  6. Well I get a cold shower after workout because I have to walk back to work and the weather is to hot, but I guess no more cold showers :/

  7. What if we just take a cold shower without totally exposing the body part that we trained recently and just wetting it enough just enough to clear that part.?

  8. What if I shower with hot water for the first 5 minutes and then switch to cold water for the other 5 minutes?

  9. But I love my cold shower after a workout. Goddamnit, does that mean that I have to give them up for more gains? Fuck me

  10. cold water causes blood to rush and fill your muscles preserving jeat, energy and strength. It's a built in survival mechinism

  11. So does that mean i cant have a shower after my workout at all how am i supposed to get the sweat off

  12. I start the shower off hot and end it as cold as I can get it. It allows me to feel better mentally and physically and tightens my muscles up. I do it as well because it is very humid in PA where I am located and helps me not to sweat as much immediately going outside. I haven’t had any problems with gains tho but I do get good sleep and nutrition. I believe more studies should be performed but I think there are more positives then negative to gain from cold showers. Just my opinion. Good video!

  13. Something I’m realizing about YouTube videos whether it’s nofap, intermitting fasting , cold showers,fasting etc there’s always another reason why it’s not good which is making all these YouTube videos kinda boring because now it’s like you more in tuned with watching these videos than actually putting in the work and you actually get no where because everything looks like a contradiction, so my advice is stick to what works and stop watching these videos when you fail, just keep mentally strong and know that things will work out🙌

  14. Dr. Rhonda Patrick recommends going to the sauna/steam room to help you with your muscle gainz bro. That's some real science bro. None of that Wim Hof shriveled up grapes kinda games.
    Do both, i guess.

  15. If you ask me, cold showers in the morning and hot showers after workouts. Cold showers really help you in many ways, from good skin to no depression, but there is one really important for working out and that is pain tolerance. Your body will be able to tolerate more pain, so you will be able to lift heavier and workout more. So cold before gym, hot after gym!

  16. So what about doing hot cold therapy? Going from an ice bath to a hot shower shortly after? Or cycling between the two (on a rest day of course)

  17. Having a cold shower after doing cardio in the sun all day is the greatest pleasure any man could ever feel.

  18. Cold showers help me workout for longer without feeling tired and mentally be able to lift even heavier weights and feel energised instead of feeling tired after a workout

    So cold showers indirectly help you get stronger

    I take one right before gym

    -i have expirience muscle grow in my arms and back no newbie gains in 2 months with just cold showers im not even in a surplus bro i swear i have work out just my legs like 5 times in this two months i do like bicep curls and put force when directing the freezen water in my muscles and bro i swear significant grow and its proven that if you do the cold showers after a workout it decreses the grow because i expirenced it I REALLY BELIVE THIS IS REALLY USEFULL INFO

  20. There's no sience behind this water temperature will not affect your gains the research done was far different from just showering cold for 1-2 minutes won't have any negative affect on your gains.

  21. Inflammation isn’t a driver for muscle growth. Studies on the topic shows that the most muscle growth is when you have the least inflammation so 1:15 is useless

  22. Imo cold showers are helpful.They might rob a 5-20% of gainz but they balance mind and body integration,which in my experience helped and helps me keep chasing gainz and working harder and smarter. Elliott Hulse and Aanghel videos on cold showers might give you a better perspective tho.

  23. Ey…fuck it…if it works for people in iceland …"land of strong giants then fuck it…im in!!! I mean the whole damn country cant all be right……right?..lmaoo oh yea not to mention athletes.

  24. Cold shower increases testosterone production and decreases muscle recovery time. I have took cold showers for past 7 months and my gains have even got better then when i was taking hot showers. You will also feel much stronger after cold shower and your immune system will also be much stronger. The only good side of hot shower is that it is relaxing and can warm you up and for me cold shower is better option.

  25. This is total bullshit , every professional athlete takes ice baths after competition to reduce muscle soreness, cold showers have proved to be beneficial in the treatment of depression and from Sweden to Turkey alternative ice and heat treatment has shown amazing health benefits for hundreds of year

  26. i take cold showers when its stupid hot out, but hot showers relax my muscles so much. i feel like the extra blood flow helps with recovery

  27. So you just admitted that the studies you are basing your bullshit on were done in an immersion bath,not a shower. So basically the entire premise of this video is null and void. Dumbass cuck.

  28. I always take hot showers but I always moisturize myself afterwards using cream/lotion. All my friends say I have warm, soft skin. Been doing this since I was 4 years old

  29. That's exactly what I did I'm on a video about this the only reason is because I wanna get stronger….
    That's only because I'm quite skinny so I eat and try and get strong

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