Side Plank Exercise for Core Strength [Ep36]

Of all the different plank variations, I find
that the simple side plank exercise is one of the most effective in building core strength. Let me explain… Don’t get me wrong, as far as working with
distance runners and triathletes is concerned, and these are largely the groups I work with
day-in-day-out, getting somebody to invest time in ANY core strength work is a massive
win. Us runners just want to run, after all! However, I’m sure you’ll agree that t’s
important for us to choose exercises that will provide maximum benefit for your efforts. When screening runners, looking at their individual
physical strengths and weaknesses, one pattern I see it that we’re often pretty strong
in the sagittal plane – back and forth movements – but disproportionately weak or unstable
in the frontal plane – side to side movements – particularly around the core and hip region. With that in mind, thinking about our various
available different types of plank exercise, it should be clear why I often prefer to get
runners working on their side planks, rather than focusing on the standard face-down plank
exercise. The side plank itself is pretty straight forward… From a position sitting on the ground, roll
onto the side of your hip and brace your elbow and forearm onto the ground. Keeping your body straight, lift your hips
off the floor and take the weight through your grounded arm. Clench your butt and keep
a straight line from shoulders hips and ankles – rather than buckling in the middle. Make sure your head stays inline with your
body, and place your top hand on your hips. You should try to keep your feet stacked on
on top of the other. Hold this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute.
When this becomes easy, try lifting the top leg in the air and holding. Do let me know in
the comments if you have any questions. Good luck, and I’ll speak to you soon!

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