Simu-Leader: Training for Leadership in Patient Safety and Health Care Quality Improvement

Doctors and nurses often train
as teams using simulations to hone their skills and responding
to clinical emergencies. But healthcare leaders rarely
have similar opportunities to simulate their responses
to patient safety and quality challenges. Welcome to Mercy Grace. Mercy Grace has a failing
patient safety and quality record. And you and your team are
challenged to lead the hospitals efforts to improve
its performance. You’ll collaborate using
Simulator, a unique leadership and management simulation
that puts you and your team right in
the center of the action. You’ll interact directly
with your peers around challenging patient safety and
quality improvement issues. How do you engage and
inspire staff? How do you devise
lasting solutions? How do you ensure you
have the resources and tools to be successful? Your team will go on
simulated executive rounds, interview key steak-holders, and
review clinical processes and outcome data. You and your team will be
challenged to think creatively and test out of the box
solutions that you will be able to apply in situations
you may face on the job. This safety and quality war
games experience is ideal for building common ground
across levels of leadership. Improving safety and quality requires change, change
requires effective leadership. This program will help
your team build and practice the skills for
driving that change. Visit our website for

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