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All right,
another amazing episode of “What The Fit” in the can, we roller skated today. Yes, I’m tired
but what does it matter? Because right now,
it’s not about me as usual, it’s about you. My trainer, Ronald “Boss”
Everline is here– -Yeah.
—to give you guys some moves you do at home. -You could do these at home, you could do this
in your living room, you could this anywhere, 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest
and then we’re gonna do a challenge move at the end.
That make sense? -I’m watching you, sir.
-Boss: All right, let’s do it. So the first move is this,
Kevin. I need to see you do 20 sets,
right here, single hand. -( upbeat music ) -For 20 seconds. -How come you didn’t do
20 seconds? -Because this is the video and you’re gonna demonstrate it
for everybody else. Thank you, sir.
-That’s what I’m saying, why you never do it.
-Because I’m the trainer and you’re the client.
-Always telling somebody what to do.
-Let’s go. -You always tell somebody
what to do but you never really see if you can do it.
-Boss: Kevin, I don’t– I’m just–please, 20 seconds? I’m looking at my timer. I’m looking at my timer and my timer
starts in five, four, three, two,
nineteen, eighteen, seventeen, you’re doing a good job.
-I don’t understand why you can’t do this.
-You’re doing a good job. See how you wanna engage
the core, guys, don’t complicate it,
you can do this -in your living room.
-Twenty. -That wasn’t 20.
-I definitely did 20. -Now we just gonna do
a basic mountain climber. Twenty seconds.
-Kevin: Get them, boss. On your feet. Now that looks good, boss. Hey, that was a good one. -All right.
-Let’s go. I’m sick of it. I’m not shaking your hand because it’s not necessary. All I wanna do is see you do 20 seconds of work, sir. Twenty seconds,
are you ready to count? No, I have a timer. -Are you ready to count?
-I have a timer. Ready, tell me
when the clock starts -Clock starts now.
-Go. Let’s go, get your knees up
to your chest. Again, 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest. You can do this
in a living room, -you can do this on a airplane.
-Twenty! -Twenty.
-Kev, that was six. Back your ass up. -What you do gonna do? -Kick your ass again.
-Try it. Try it.
-Back up, Boss. -Kev, get down here
and do my exercise. I thought so. ( punching sounds ) Karate kick. What is wrong with you? I know karate. Again, guys, 20 seconds, 10 seconds of rest and you can do this at home. You’re gonna go to the side. So you wanna make sure you can do this with the time. Twenty seconds at home. You can grab a towel, you can get this done. Let’s go, man.
Don’t start, not today. -I’m just saying
it didn’t look good. -Let me see how good
yours is, Mr. Perfect.
– I have no problem with that. I just don’t understand why
yours ain’t look good. -Okay, good. Let’s see it. There you go.
Twenty seconds, Kev. Good job, good job,
good job. -Twenty!
-Boss: That was not– Kev, at least
give me six. -Kevin: Ha! -Give me six. -Kevin: Ha! -Please, where
your karate at? Where’s all
that karate talk? -Kevin: I know karate. -Boss: Can I get six? Please? Hey. Come on, man.
Give me six, brother. Why do I feel like
I’m babysitting? This is my job. It’s my livelihood. Okay. We’re gonna pass that one up,
I’m not gonna fight with him. -Okay?
-I thought so. What’s next? Boss: Right here.
Challenge move, guys. A little bit more
of a challenge. On your elbows, gonna rock out, come up. -Nice. -( grunting ) -What’s all the noise for?
( grunting ) -Hey, hey, hey! ( gong ) -Thought so. -( upbeat music ) -Boss: Hey, guys, I challenge you at home
to try this. See?
-( grunting ) -See, he–he’s kidding. I challenge you at home
to try this, it’ll be amazing.
Challenge yourself. If you can’t work
your way up to this, we can —
-Twenty! -Kev.
-Kevin: Twenty. -All right, man. It’s been another episode
of “What The Fit” with Kevin Hart,
( gong )
Ron “Boss” Everline. Amazing five-minute workout, you can do it
in your living room. If you were distracted
by this guy, I’m sorry. I’m really sorry
but go ahead and get your outro. -My karate…
-Don’t say nothing about a karate book! You say something about
a karate book, I promise you I’mma show you
some real karate. Look in the camera and–hey, hey, hey, Kevin. -( upbeat music ) -Hey, man, I don’t have
the time for this. Wrap it up. -My paperback karate book…
-Hey, didn’t I say nothing about the karate book? “What The Fit”
is finished, I’m taking Kevin home. Get your ass out of here. Kevin: This is Kevin Hart
and I don’t wanna tell you what to do but subscribe
to my YouTube channel. Do it. Just click that
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