34 Replies to “Sliders: Depthwards [Team Fortress 2 Machinima]”

  1. Супер! Задумка и реализация – супер!
    Смотрел не открываясь!

    ЗЫ: музыка из лоста пришлась ОЧЕНЬ кстати.
    ЗЫЫ: где можно достать ночной дастбоул?

  2. Жаль, надеялся, что есть серверы с этой версией дастбоула.

  3. Зарегистрируйся на сайте. Потом подай заявку на участие в следующей сходке.

  4. Круто! Вы бы еще взяли еще и Team Fortress Classic. Пиро в прошлое вернулся… хД

  5. I enjoyed every second of this, really fun to watch. I especially love the whole idea, its always nice to see what are some fans able to come up with.
    Btw. the first "dimension" was really scary, poor pyro 😀

  6. Hey… the music that plays at 5:09 is from L4D, right? Except, I've never heard it while playing myself. What causes it to play?

  7. When you're getting your ass handed to you by the hoard, it plays. BTW, music also plays when you own the hoard. It sounds like a kind of techno drumming.

  8. oh i get it, those were TeamFortress Classic hd skins at the end, how did you get those into garry's mod?

  9. Thing is, I've been attacked by hordes plenty of times, but I've never heard that particular track. I was just wondering where it was from and why I hadn't heard it.

  10. but what about the tf2 pyro and the tfc pyro together, what am i missing, can you play the tf2 pyro or the tfc pyro both in fortress forever

  11. It plays when you are completely surrounded by common infected and they are hitting you from all sides. it usually plays when the arrows that show where damage is coming from make a ring on your screen.

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