Socialized healthcare in UK failing patients

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  2. Socialism… doesn't work. Nobody is motivated to do anything. Society regresses into an authoritarian regime. Most "modern" socialist nations are authoritarian regimes.

  3. The Millenials need look no further than Venezuala. They are a socialistic dictatorship who was kind enough to increase there mu=inimum wage to $2.00 a month and these sock puppits want to bitch and moan about our free market system? REALLY? Thats what happens when all of these colleges are not teaching truth but indoctrination os socialism and communism ideology. I truly wish that President trump would have someone start a commision on this dumbing down and progressive type of indoctrination. There really needs to be a serious investigation as to what the hell the so called leadership of these institutions of lower learning are doing to our youth. Betsy Devos is trying her best to undo all of the damage that Obama and teams destruction of our educational system.
    Semper Fi

  4. Socialism doesn't look good even & especially on paper.
    What's GOOD about "receiving" equal benefits for unequal input? What's good about stealing?

  5. How many people in the United States are uninsured, underinsured, or otherwise unable to afford medical care?

    Right, so this conversations over. There is no better alternative than socialized medicine. Just countries that manage it well, and countries that manage it poorly. I’m not surprised a bunch of neoliberal and conservative governments have mismanaged the nhs. Not a bit.

  6. Am British and its 100% efficient just stop your pathetic dramatic comment!
    We live in a fair society and i dont pay for medical care 🇬🇧
    So learn ex colony!

  7. This. Plus females are dropping out of the medical profession because they meet wealthy men and also just have kids and drop out. There is a shortage of medical staff in the UK because of forced diversity.

  8. Socialized healthcare is failing because of Conservative budget cuts i.e. stupid austerity measures. Sure, if you don't spend money on healthcare it's not going to be great. Duh! Stupid Fox Business people. Fund healthcare then it's going to be great (and cheaper overall than privatised one!)

  9. I have a friend from Canada, who needed to get a cyst removed from both her earlobes. She had to first get a referral to a specialist, but because the specialist also operated on cancer patients she was constantly getting bumped. She couldn't seek out her own private surgeon because its illegal in Canada, unless its plastic surgery. She also tried switching to another surgeon but was told that their was a waitlist. So, after suffering for nearly a year, she decided to have it done here in Arizona.

  10. Sweden would collapse without uncontrolled immigration. Look at ALL THE FOREIGN AID workers rushing to help save Sweden. Selfless progressive highly qualified hard working people willing to make us as successful as their homelands.

  11. A socialist health care will never be as efficient ,or as good as a private one,but is better to have an imperfect health care ,than not have at all,like millions of Americans.
    And also,who's stopping US to have both ???

  12. The NHS is NOT failing! Its starving Theresa May is taking Money from it to make it fail, she wants to sell it off to Private companies. Our Police are failing too because they're underfunded, should we start making "Police insurance"?

  13. I work for 1 year (2006) for the Royal Brompton hospital in Central London. They only do open heart surgeries. if you have a heart attack you at treated with meds…placed on a waiting list for a few months before you get open heart surgery. In USA if you have MI you get surgery now.

  14. Unlike communist and socialist Countries; the United States is a Constitutional Republic.
    Your experiments are outlawed by our great country's constitution.
    Immigration works both ways; democrats can appeal to leave the United States.

  15. If you look at history of socialism, it always promissed utopia, but delivered poverty and opression… whenever something it free, there is somebody who has to pay it…Obama care was garbage…

  16. I'm a US/UK dual citizen who immigrated to the UK from the USA back in '98. I've personally experienced both the American and British healthcare systems. The British healthcare system is much better than the American. Long live the NHS! Unfortunately, the Conservatives and New Labour have been trying to Americanize (i.e. privatize) the NHS. Let's hope Jeremy Corbyn will put a stop to that!

  17. As usual, Fox is WRONG AS WRONG CAN BE.
    Our NHS is the pride of our nation – universal healthcare for all, free at the point of use. America calls itself the greatest country in the world, but many people can't get basic heathcare, and there are even instances of people begging bystanders not to call ambulances after they have been injured – because they can't afford it!

    The NHS is an absolutely tremendous thing, we Brits will fight tooth and nail to keep it and the wonderful people who make it run. No, not you, health secretary.

    We are appalled at the situation in the US, where money rules. Stop worshipping the fake god of money and take care of the vulnerable in your society. Don't fall for the lies of rich, evil politicians. Anyone calling this "socialism", get a grip of yourself or just change your name to McCarthy.

  18. Medicine free of government taint must be a human right. These things are too serious to be playing childish socialist games with.

  19. hahaha I live in Canada, and let me tell you folks that nobody here want to go to the US and pay thousand of dollars to just get a surgery. If you really need to see a doctor in Canada you'll see him quickly! The western world is making fun of you for still paying for health care . Do you know that you pay more in capita than any other country in the western world with a public health care system ?
    By the way, all these country have a better life expectancy than the US ?:
    Japan, Switzerland , Singapore, Spain, Australia, Italy ,Iceland, Israel, Sweden, France , South Korea, Canada, Luxembourg, Netherlands , Norway , Malta, New Zealand, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Finland, Belgium, Greece ,Germany, Slovenia, Denmark, Cyprus, Chile, Costa Rica

    Come on guys, you can be better!

  20. I don't get it, what do they think is going on in The UK? I'm English and The NHS works very well. No one in England would want The American health care system. No country would, why don't Americans understand that? Private options exist if you want to pay, but tis very rare because no one thinks it necessary.

  21. Britain spends just over four thousand dollars per head….America spends TEN THOUSAND dollars per head AND DIE TWO YEARS EARLIER. How fucked up do you have to be to defend that? Just how deep a cognitive dissonance?

  22. Providing basic healthcare to the citizens of a country is not radical socialism, it is the bare minimum any successful country can and should guarantee to its citizens. The US has turned healthcare into a business rather than a service, profit has become more important than a livelihood.

  23. Step One – make hospitals reveal prices for every procedure, supply, and rooms! Boom! Competition! That's why we have the cheapest and best food in the world – competition.
    If you happen to want to pay cash for anything at a hospital, they can never tell you the price. Why? Because there isn't one set price. Who would get an x-ray at hospital A if it costs 500 bucks and hospital B charges 50 bucks instead? This would force other hospitals to lower costs. Yep, you heard it right! This is just one of the many reasons health care is costly. Universal health care = universal bad care.

  24. Oh, and I've got excellent health care, any time I need it. Why? Because I educated myself, have a great job, and work very, very hard at it. Try it. It works.

  25. I am from UK and now living in USA and am amazed at the lies you hear. Let me tell you some truths they don't tell you. First, you can pay for private healthcare in the UK – it exists alongside the National Health. It's a lot cheaper than here as it has to compete with the National Health in true capitalist fashion!
    It's not free – you pay for it in taxes just like you pay for schools, police, fire, libraries, military etc. Nobody in UK thinks that it is 'socialist' any more than people in USA think police are socialist. You may pay a little more in taxes but at the end of the day people in America are paying far, far more out of pocket. All the money designated for healthcare goes to healthcare and not a corporate insurance middleman or a for profit hospital. I'm amazed at how people think a single payer healthcare system would be paying for other people and that insurance isn't. I tell you, we pay a huge amount but then have such a high deductible that we never see anything from what we have paid in. When I tell people back in the UK the details their jaws drop. No system is perfect but you can't point to one area of failure due to underfunding vs. millions uninsured or being ripped off in the USA. I think any system is going to prioritize treatment according to urgency, even in USA. Fox always lies.

  26. This government has cut funds from NHS yet they collect national insurance from the working class they are distroying the health care system in the UK they have closed half of doctors surgerys they plan to kill People

  27. Any Black man that supports the republican party is an idiot, Republicans are Satanic, evil, wicked and selfish people. Republicans worship Satan,, they are the Pharisees of this age, hypocrites. Republican party complain of welfare spending but will never hesistate in plowing billions into baseless wars.

  28. America's problem is that it's founded on racism, Racism formed the foundation of the American state, Diversity is not strength, diversity is a weakness, America can win all the medals in Olympics because she has a wider genetic pool but overall it constitute a disadvantage. it's that racism that caused the republican party to thrive, there's no party like the republican party in the developed world, None, not even in Europe.

  29. Trump won the elections in 2016 in order to purge the Democrats of the vestiges of Clinton, a self-cleansing act. Once they get their acts, they will take the white house which is theirs except that they chose clinton, this republican party has to the phased out.

  30. Oh my god how fox twist the facts.
    The NHS is failing because of austerity measures. The current party in power is cutting the NHS services. When funded it works and works brilliantly

  31. The crumbling NHS isn't crumbling because it's free, it's crumbling because it's underfunded and understaffed! They don't hire enough doctors or nurses, so those already working in Hospitals are pushed to the brink of their mental well-being! We pay for it from our national insurance tax, so it's not exactly free, and we pay for prescriptions and dental care. The government don't put enough funds into it, and when they do the corporate bosses of the NHS don't distribute it correctly, the government don't put enough money into hiring staff, therefore wards tend to be full but understaffed (2 nurses to 32 patients I saw quite frequently). The government's privatisation of the NHS has caused lots of issues too, making the NHS a bargaining chip rather than a health service. The simple fact is that EVERYONE gets ill, whether it be physical or mental health, and the care should be free at the point of need! The UK does not want an insurance based system where millions of people will suffer simply because they don't earn enough. People are struggling now, even WITH free health care and with a minimum wage (which is slightly lower than the actual cost of living).

  32. Do the Brits know this? A for-profit healthcare system makes every disease that I am diagnosed with a profitable commodity. It removes the mechanism to even trigger an interest in cures. There is a DEMAND for DISEASE when cures are not profitable. HELL NO!
    I have an 8 week wait time to see my Rheumatologist PLUS premiums, co-pays & deductibles. It SUCKS!

  33. This is not news. Just a biased spin. Feeding the masses fear. They focus on the negative aspects of government funded healthcare. Let's talk about the millions of citizens in this country who now have no means and suffer. They keep throwing out the big bad word "socialism" as if it means evil. Providing healthcare should be just as basic as providing safety and education. BTW, you can still get health insurance in England

  34. In Canada we prioritize actual need. Canada spends way less on healthcare than US and I have never really waited for anything. My husband had cancer and received exemplary care. Yes there are definitely issues with wait times that need to be addressed, such as hip surgery, but in general I love our healthcare system. Have we changed the socialism definition? I believe it is control of the means of production.
    On the other hand socialism in other forms is dangerous. Our current prime minister has what I consider dangerous socialist leanings

  35. So Fox are now linking the UK with Venezuela now! What they didn't tell you there was a serious outbreak of 'flu so beds were taken up with those patients and that's why non urgent operations were cancelled. The emphasis was non urgent. It was unfortunate and very upsetting for people waiting for operations but urgent operations were carried out as usual.

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