Sofi’s Strength (Stage 4 Pediatric Brain Cancer)

Sofi my friend are you ready for your
first question what do you want to say to the world and somebody sees you for
the first time what do you hope they think welcome to SBS K we believe that
everybody has a story that’s worthy of being heard when we listen to one
another the world becomes a closer place and we all benefit together so without
hesitation let’s meet today’s friend do you hope people ask you questions
about what you’re going through what kind of questions do you hope they ask what type of cancer do you have what’s
it like to have brain cancer December of 2016 he was diagnosed with brain cancer
they did an MRI and they showed that she had a tumor on the left side of her
brain and a tumor west of the size of a baseball what was it like when your
battle first started you know lots of people love you I was
just I just met you when I already love you because you’re such a kind and
courageous person do you now know lots of people love you after the third
surgery they because they trying to get all the tumor out I think they heard
some other her brain and because the tumor came back she’s losing all her
right moments on her right hand what they said is that they probably they
hurt her brain while they were trying to take out the tumor she forget things
like it were talking right now 15 minutes later she’s gonna forget what
we’re talking about and she thinks that she’s having a conversation with you but
because of the way her speech is not fine it’s just on her mind that she
thinks that she’s speaking but she’s not and somebody meets you what do you hope
they say when she had her first surgery they
shaped her head and she said that uh she was ugly that would nobody won’t talk to
her because she didn’t have hair and because she has that scarf on her head if you could go anywhere in the world
where would you go parents my Paris in Paris first would
you rather have a million friends or a million dollars I notice that your mom
makes you smile a lot why is that if you had one wish what would it be what do you think you’ll be like somebody watching this video wants to
help Sophie what can they do pray for her saying send your kind messages or if
they see her outside just be nice to her just say hi to her and if you see her don’t there I heard
like something weird because she’s not what’s the most beautiful thing about
you what is a tube yeah she’s like any other kid she’s just
fighting for her life what do you want to say to your mom when she feels sad how do you want her to feel why do you
want her to feel happy hey everyone tonight we have an excellent opportunity
that helped take some of the financial strain off of Sophie and her family
after we finish this interview I asked her mom if she’d be comfortable making a
GoFundMe and that’s in the description below if everybody who has the means to
contributes 5 bucks it will do a lot for Sophie and her family so check that out
below and personally will be donating all of the Adsense money from this video
to Sophie and her family and also you probably noticed that we still don’t
have comments we’re working on that behind the scenes but for now I included
a link to Sophie’s Instagram into all our other social media platforms so go
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