Sondra Radvanovsky on the stamina it takes to play NORMA. Onstage at Lyric Now through February 24

She is an amazing woman.
And a very human, real woman. And I think that’s what really
attracted me to her on that level. So it’s a woman that I think a lot of
people can relate to. She’s such a complete character. And I
love playing that. I love acting her. Norma’s a role that I I kind of compare
it to being like a marathon runner.But in the middle of it, you have to actually
be a sprinter as well, and then go back to being a marathon runner. And it is very taxing
and demanding. She has to sing high and loud, high and soft. All of this florid,
coloratura work.And you have to be able to shift your
emotions. Not just physically, but vocally and we have to color the
character and there’s so many layers to her. It is very complex, complicated, and
you really have to know yourself not only as an actress, but as a singer and understand
your voice completely to sing this role.

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