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  1. Everything she says is a lie. Right now the Spanish system is the third most efficient in the world after Singapore and Hong Kong. USA is in the position 50th. I'm sorry USA! BTW! Everybody has right to have access to our health care system. No one stays off including immigrants BTW! If there is some racist country in the world it's USA! Spain get every year more than 75 million tourists from UK, France, Germany and other countries in Europe, and they come because they will be well cared if they need it. Indeed, Hundreds of thousans British, Germans, Swedish etc.. choose Spain to live in, once they are retired. Because they don't have to pay anything while in their countries they do it! Don't lie!

    It's a lie too that poorer regions have worse health care system because the budget distributed by the central government look at how many people live in every region. They also use other criteria like the dispersion of population which hinders the access to the public health care system in some regions. In these cases, there are helicopters and ambulances to move old people or sicks.

    "The increase in medical negligence in Spain, is extremely high, regardless of the money the government on health" FALSE¡ Can you prove it? Any link maybe?


    Spain tops world organ donation rankings


  2. i know a guy who needed a 6000 dollar pill every 2 weeks for an enormous stomach cancer, spain paid for it for all the 2 year process, and he is currently having an also very expensive pill every month ever since. America tries to show how our healthcare system doesnt work properly, but in reality you will never find anyone in Spain who died without having the proper medical attention and correspondent medical treatments, no matter the cost. We have some of the best oncologic hospitals in the world, and private healthcare is intertwined with the public system, so that in an urgency you can be treated in the nearest hospital no matter what kind it is.

  3. I come back to this vid and I just can't believe how miserably biased the report is. I guess someone is trying to justify public healthcare is not an option for the usa. For all I care…

  4. What It said here is false about Spanish health care system, it is just one of the best top five in the world. USA system only works for money not for health care people, this is the reason is so bad and It is behind even many third world countries. Bye the way, Spain is first class developed country, in many aspects above USA, you can not refer to a 46 million population country, which is the 13th economical world power, as a "poor" country, Are you kidding?

  5. Conozco el sistema sanitario de 3 países; Inglaterra, Alemania y España, puedo decir que el español es el mejor, con sus deficiencias que no son pocas pero muy muy bueno.

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