Speed, Control & Endurance Exercises for the Drums : Stamina-Building Drum Exercises

Up first we have something I call the stamina
builder. What you are going to do is you are going to play eighth notes, two measures with
accents on all the down beats with just the right hand and two measures with the left
hand and alternate back and forth. So count it off. One and two and three and four and.
Check it out over here on the paper, see what it looks like, and I will play it and I will
slowly increase the speed. And you just do that until you cannot do it anymore until
you have reached your speed limit with your right hand or in your left hand. My left hand
is weaker so I can do it faster with my right hand than I can with my left hand. So I just
have to keep working on this until I get my left hand up to speed. You have got to do
the same thing.

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  1. It looks like the same one John Bonham used. 6.5"x14" Supra-phonic model LM402 I think. I just found one yesterday at a pawnshop! They sounds incredible!

  2. thats the "wood roll" made famous by kenwood denard. its a variation of the moeller role. instead of three notes which turn out to prettymuch be triplets its two notes turning out to be 16th note rolls.

  3. omg.. On the first "2" beat he hits the edge of the drum. You're supposed to hit it the same place every time, in the middle!
    And later on it seems he has a hard time keeping rhythm (0:24) :/
    I guess evertyhing expertvillage makes suck ass.

    You are correct.
    But if the can't keep rythm, he shouldn't make tutorials for playing drums. The problem about expertvillage is that the tutors are novices – not experts.

  5. He should explain the technique he's using as well… He's using something called the moeller technique, where he whips his wrist to create an accent on the down beat. It's actually easier then accenting with a normal stroke and it's a useful technique, but hey, you wouldn't learn that from him since he doesn't mention it.

  6. Keep doing your thing man. Hopefully these cheeseballs will stop talking garbage while they still use your tutorials.

  7. Dont listen to all these clowns throwing bad vibes out ….you have a great view…angle on this and i say right on …..keep up the good work and do it your way …always ,

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