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  1. I have been following you for a while now and a question I have for Jennifer hasn’t left me since day one: do you feel you marriage is equal? And if not, are you okay with that? I am not here to judge but it seems your husband is always the one to talk more and first and over you and he always leads the conversations, often about spirituality or marriage but also conversations ABOUT women. This is just my outside perspective, and I’m just curious about how both of you feel about playing out very traditional and conservative gender roles.

  2. This was wonderful, I really enjoyed it. Thank you guys for sharing your spiritual knowledge and praying for us. How can I find out about women's retreats with Marriage After God?

  3. Can you also make a small videos of best way to decorate home,
    Small Good behavior videos with spouse in some incidences: while eating, working, clearing home, cooking, all kinds of best possible ways of good behavioral videos? Thanks

  4. Amazing word! Really encouraged me to keep my spiritual stamina in the new year. To continue to make personal time with God, not only by myself with my husband & children. Thank you for the encouragement & beautiful prayer 🙏🏼 you both are such a blessing in my life.

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