Spotlight on Women’s Health & Diabetes

Hey guys! It is Women’s Health Week so
I’m calling all the ladies and I’m talking to you today. So whether you are
diabetic yourself or you care for someone who’s diabetic, it’s really
important that you take care of your health and your total wellness. We all
know that heart disease, issues with your heart, are a major problem for men and
women in the United States and one of the leading factors that contributes to
heart disease and causes heart attacks that are killing women is the fact that
you may have a chronic disease like diabetes. And so it’s really important
that you think about the serious consequences that go along with
unmanaged diabetes, keeping your blood sugar low, and really focusing on diet
and exercise. So speaking of exercise, that’s what I want to talk about. So one
of the most important factors that we can, we have a hand in to make sure that
we as women are healthy, sound and body, and sound in mind, is exercise. The
CDC recommends 2 hours a week which seems like not enough but listen let’s
keep our goals small and attainable. So if you can make sure that you get 2
hours where you’re getting your heart rate up, you’re exercising whether it’s
walking, whether it’s going to the gym, jogging, whatever it is that you enjoy,
that’s four 30-minute sessions a week which is what I like to do or two
hour-long sessions. At least get that in! Make it a priority because when you’re
getting time to exercise, you’re getting a little alone time, you’re getting some
distressing time, you’re spending some time with your thoughts, you’re giving
your brain a break, you’re giving your body the energy that it needs and the
strength that it needs to function and either take care of yourself or take
care of other people all the rest of the week. So let’s find time to exercise. Really focus on that this week and make sure
that your health is a priority just like everyone else in your life. Have a great
Women’s Health Week!

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