Stacking Strength | Wade Joye

It feels awesome today my name is Wade Joye
I’m the Worship Pastor here and I have the incredible honor and privilege to
bring God’s Word to you this weekend I am so excited about what God has given
me to share but first of all how awesome was that message from Pastor Steven last
weekend the pressure to perform and if I’m being real I feel just a little
bit of pressure being on this stage right now where the greatest preacher on
the planet preaches every single weekend but that sermon last weekend helped me
so much to live out of a place of purpose and not trying to perform for
other people and in fact Pastor Steven was in a meeting with our campus pastors
and a lot of our church leaders this week and he was really encouraging us as
we talked about that message when we look at ministry to always lean in to
what is most helpful for people not what is gonna impress an audience and when he
said that it made me just extra thankful for all the sermons that he’s preached
that have helped me love God more help me trust the Lord more fully help me
believe that God can actually use somebody like me so if anything in this
ministry has helped you can you just appreciate what God has done through the church so God has given me something that I
hope helps you and if you can just remain standing as we look at our main
text today it’s found in Nehemiah chapter 6 and I was studying this this
book with a lot of our worship leaders earlier in the year and God just began
to illuminate some truths in my heart that helped me a lot and if you don’t
know about Nehemiah he was a leader who led a remnant of Jews back to Jerusalem
out of exile and he was tasked with rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem the
wall was broken down the city was vulnerable and God had given him this
great task but he faced a lot of opposition he faced a lot of setbacks
and that’s kind of where we find him right now Nehemiah chapter 6 and it says
this when word came to Sanballat Tobiah Geshem the Arab and the rest of our
enemies that I had rebuilt the wall and not a gap was left in it though up to
that time I had not set the doors in the gates Sanballat and Geshem sent me this
message come let us meet together in one of the villages on the plain of Ono
side note nothing good happens in a place called Ono just trust me there
but they were scheming to harm me so I sent messengers to them with this reply
I’m carrying on a great project and cannot go down why should the work stop
while I leave it and go down to you four times they sent me the same message and
each time I gave them the same answer then the fifth time Sanballat sent his
aide to me with the same message and in his hand was an unsealed letter and
which was written it is reported among the nations and Geshem says it is true
that you and the Jews are plotting to revolt and therefore you are building
the wall moreover according to these reports you’re about to become their
king and have even appointed prophets to make this proclamation about you in
Jerusalem there is a king in Judah now this report will get back to the king so
come let us meet together and I sent him this reply nothing like what you were
saying is happening you were just making it up out of your head I just gave you a
new Bible verse you can quote to some of the people in your life they were all
trying to frighten us thinking their hands will get too weak for the work and
it will not be completed but I prayed now strengthen my hands so the title of
today’s message is stacking strength stacking strength
come on let’s pray together Lord I thank you for the strength that flows from
your word God I thank you for the strength that flows from your presence
Oh Lord right now I pray that you will speak a
very specific word to everybody under the sound of my voice as your word is
preached in Jesus name Amen alright come on give a couple hugs
Memorial Day hugs as you have a seat so I had a bit of an old man’s rite of
passage recently last week I turned 43 it was my 43rd birthday thank you
I share a birthday with the great Holly Furtick who I’m much-older than and I’ve
really been praying to get that George Clooney anointing because I want to
believe that I’m gonna get better with age that the gray in my beard makes me
look more distinguished makes me look more handsome that I’m in the wisdom
zone with all this experience but every day my body is telling me that
that is a lie because everything hurts I think my knee hurts right now but
you know a couple months ago I was in a meeting and I started to get this just
stabbing pain in my right side and I had to wait it out a little bit because I
don’t know if you’re like this but I’m the kind of guy that I can’t Google any
symptoms I have I can’t go to WebMD because I automatically go to the worst
case scenario possible even like one little sniffle and I think I’m done for
or I think I had this like disease it’s only in two percent of the population in
Brazil and somehow it’s found its way to me in Charlotte North Carolina but this
this stabbing pain it wouldn’t go away and I couldn’t even focus and it
reminded me of when I had my appendix out about 15 or 20 years ago but since
my appendix isn’t there anymore I realized something was wrong and so I
started to sweat in the meeting I started to pace around I couldn’t
concentrate so I just had to leave and I went to the emergency room cuz I knew
something serious was actually wrong so once I navigated the glorious place that is
the waiting room of the emergency room I made it back to the doctor I started to
talk through my symptoms and where the pain was and where the pain was
spreading to and I’ll save you those details and he looked at me and he said
oh you’ve got a kidney stone some people have had it I heard some of those groans
right there you know you feel my pain and you know I knew my day of reckoning
had finally come for all the soft drinks that I drink so if you know me on
a good day I drink about six diet cokes or this healthier soda called
Zevia six a day most days most days I’m more in like the ten eleven twelve
range I know just bring on all the judgment I
was ready for it it’s my vice but thank you but if you multiply six soft drinks
a day times 365 days a year times 20 years that I’ve really kind of been
doing this that equals one very painful kidney stone and so as my
doctor and I were talking he then said what I was waiting for him to say
and he said do you want morphine and he then said you know having a kidney stone
is the closest a man will get to childbirth I know all the women are just
rolling your eyes you think we’re a bunch of wimps and we are I am and
since I’m not into natural childbirth I said give me all the medicine you
can give me the morphine I am ready right now so once I got that
I was good to go I was feeling better they did some tests and they said
you have a three millimeter kidney stone which is a medium-sized stone six
millimeters or more we consider a large stone and then we do the procedure to
break it apart and it’ll pass much easier and so I was just waiting to find
out how are you gonna get this out of me today because I’ve heard horror stories
about passing this thing and I do not want to experience that and all they did is
gave me some muscle relaxers some pain meds and a filter to catch it in and
said this will come out sometime in the next two to three weeks that is not what
I wanted to hear because three millimeters might sound small to you but
it was a mountain to me and I needed God to move that mountain right then I was
praying every prayer of faith I could possibly pray and thankfully the Lord
heard my cry and in His mercy the next day it passed but I never knew that
something so small could stop me dead in my tracks something three millimeters
could shut my system down cuz small things make a big impact and honestly
that’s been the motto I’ve lived by I mean that’s the short man’s motto right
there I’ve always any story where the short guy is the
hero I love that’s why I love Lord of the Rings I can relate to hobbits it’s
awesome any story in the Bible where like you know the giant is slain with
the one small stone or the mountain is could be moved with faith the size of a
mustard seed or a kidney stone I cheer about that I love I love that but
it also can work the other way and this is the way that we don’t share about as
much we’re a decades-long friendship can be ruined by one betrayal or one mistake
can have dramatic implications for your entire future in Galatians 5:9 in the passion translation says don’t you know that when you allow even a little
lie into your heart it can permeate your entire belief system see I want to be
the guy like Nehemiah who does great things for God I want to be the
guy that builds the wall but there is one little lie that makes me feel like a
failure over and over and over again see I know all the promises of Scripture and
that all God’s promises are yes and amen for me in Christ Jesus but there’s one
little lie that looks like the truth that has taken up residency in my heart
and it makes me feel like I can’t do anything that matters for God it makes
me think that God is using other people more than he’s using me and it stops me
in my tracks time and time again and this lie is so dangerous because it
sounds a lot like the truth and it’s this and maybe you struggle with this as
well but the lie I tell myself all too often is that my greatest impact happens
when I take giant steps of faith that my greatest impact happens when I take
giant steps of faith and maybe you don’t struggle with this the way I do but I
feel like God only uses me when I take the big risk when I take the huge step
of faith if I’m being honest I feel like God only uses me the two times a year
I’m on this stage preaching or some of you know about you know how my kids were
born and they had a lot of medical issues and we prayed for miracles in the
hospital and we saw those miracles and I felt like God used me then but what
about every other day that seems really really ordinary
I read a study on the internet which of course means it’s true that said the
average person gets 15 days of perfect happiness a year so I don’t know how
they define perfect happiness but no matter what that’s just depressing right
there so two weeks of happiness a year and I realized that I
kind of think of faith that way that I might get 15 perfect faith days a year
when I can actually see God using me I can see the evidence of it I feel like
I’m in the faith zone and that just makes me feel so defeated because what
about the other 50 weeks of the year when I’m in meetings when I’m answering
emails when I’m chauffeuring my kids to and from their practices how is God working
in my life then have you ever felt like that have you ever wondered am I even
making a difference in the ordinary and mundane routine of life well I have too
and God has really been helping me with this passage from Nehemiah break down
that lie and replace it with a truth because whenever you get rid of
a lie you have to replace it with something that is true and so what God
has been teaching me is this and I want you to hold on to this if you get
nothing else from this message I want you to walk away with this and that is
that my greatest impact doesn’t happen through giant steps of faith but rather
through daily steps of faithfulness God doesn’t just move through the dramatic
he does do that but more often than not he moves through the daily the day to
day see Nehemiah took the giant step to build the wall but what inspires me
about his story is how he persevered in the day to day obedience even when it’s
hard and so that’s what I want us to talk about today there’s three
principles in this passage that are helping me a lot to believe that God can
use me even when it doesn’t seem like it around me and I hope they help you too the
first is this and if you’re a note-taker go ahead and write this down the impact
of finishing is greater than the excitement of starting the impact of
finishing is greater than the excitement of starting see even though it doesn’t say
it explicitly in this text I have to believe that the people in Jerusalem
we’re feeling energized because the wall looked to be
complete I mean the walls were high they looked strong I imagine they were
standing there trying to get just the perfect selfie with the walls in the
background to post on Instagram they were feeling energized by the progress but
there was one detail that you might have glossed over because I did at first in
the first verse of this chapter and it says this when word came to Sanballat Tobiah Geshem the Arab and the rest of our enemies that I had rebuilt the wall
and not a gap was left in it though up to that time I had not set the doors in
the gates see there wasn’t a gap in the wall but there was a pretty big gap
where the door should have been there was a pretty big gap where the gate was
there was a lot of progress that had been made but the work hadn’t been
completed yet how many of y’all were here for a series that we did about a
year ago called gates of change it was an awesome awesome series I loved it
some of you did too and we learned in this series how important gates were to
ancient cities they were the place of commerce of trials proclamations from
Kings a lot of stuff happened at the gate but it was also the most vulnerable
part of the city because it was the part that enemies sought to conquer first
because if you could control the gate you could control the city so no matter
how high and strong and mighty these walls were the city was still vulnerable
because the gates weren’t in place the work wasn’t done see we love to start
things but finishing things is a different matter and we used to we used
to experience this a lot back in the early days of songwriting for our church
10 11 12 years ago first of all you know nothing about old school Elevation
Worship yes but Pastor Steven commissioned us to
write songs and you know me and Chris and the rest of the team we had no idea
how to write worship songs so anything that had you know remotely rhymes kinda
had a melody to it was somewhat scripturally accurate we would just test
it out on the poor people of our church it was not fda-approved yet it did not
have the official worship song stamp of approval but the church was patient with
us it served its purpose in that time but it was a huge blessing when
Pastor Steven got involved in the songwriting process because he would say
okay that’s not a song that’s an idea that’s a rough draft we need to take
this round two round three round four five round ten because he wanted us to
really dig to find what was most meaningful for our church to sing and
that’s why there’s a song like Resurrecting that means so much to our
church but it took a year to write and I remember you know nine months in ten
months in Pastor Steven was trying to find just the perfect line for that
fourth verse that would just elicit faith when we sang it at our church and
so now our team is on a European tour and when they get to the fourth verse
and sing the tomb were soldiers watched in vain was borrowed for three
days his body there would not remain our God has robbed the grave there’s gonna
be shouts halfway across the world because of that line and how it elicits
faith in people’s hearts but that didn’t come with the song idea that came after
a year of work you see starting is fun starting is exciting we love to launch
the business we love to ask the girl out we love to celebrate our kids first
steps and in fact celebrating first steps is awesome we go nuts here when somebody
makes their first step of faith committing their life to Jesus that’s
why we exist as a church that deserves celebration you know when you’re
making your vows at the altar on your wedding day
hopefully you’re celebrating if you’re not you’re not making a good decision
there but how many of you know saying those vows is one thing living out those
vows 15 years later is a completely different matter you know you have about
a hundred of your friends and family celebrating you on your wedding day
they’re not there with you in your living room fifteen years later when you
and your wife can’t even speak to each other so you thought building or
planning the wedding was the wall the wall is building a marriage that’s what
takes work making the baby is fun trust me I’ve got some babies and it’s
fun raising those babies in their middle
school years their high school years I haven’t hit that yet but I heard it’s a
lot of fun but trying to show them what it looks like to be a man or woman of
God when you feel imperfect yourself and you don’t feel like you have your
stuff together but you’re trying to be there for them and love them in times
where they’re not very lovable raising a child is hard it takes work coming to
church one time is awesome we are so glad you’re here if this is your first
time but to actually have your life changed the way God wants to change your
life it takes being here consistently a lot of you heard about eGroups earlier
that is the power of an eGroup it’s getting people in your life consistently
and can I be honest with you about one thing this is some therapy for me I used
to hate that word consistent because people would use it to describe me and
they would say Wade is just so consistent and the way I translated that
as Wade is so boring I hated that word I didn’t want to be
the consistent one I wanted to be the guy that was exciting and had a
quick wit and was so insightful and was the life of the party and Wade’s a
great singer but instead I got Wade’s just consistent it sounds so lame
it’s like it’s like you know the girl she has such a great personality I never
wanted to be the guy with the good personality I wanted to be the hot one now some of you married the hot one and
30 years later you wish you married the one with the good personality just look
straight ahead at me you’re good we’ll get through this but what I am learning what I’m learning
is that Jesus celebrates consistency because consistency is powerful it might
not be flashy but consistency actually changes things consistency makes a huge
difference I mean I had that stupid kidney stone because I consistently
drank diet cokes every day for 20 years consistency makes a difference this
church is built on consistency consistent volunteers who serve every
single weekend when you feel like it and when you don’t we couldn’t do it without
you this church is built on consistent generosity people who give and
prioritize God through the tithe in plentiful seasons and in hard seasons
see the church is built on consistency and I feel the benefit of that and the
impact of that in my family because my daughter my youngest daughter Sydney she
gave her life to Christ this past Good Friday which was awesome how cool is
that to do that on Good Friday and it made me so thankful for all of our eKidz
volunteers who showed up consistently to show her what it looks like to love
Jesus and they showed up to serve when she was behaving and they showed up to
serve when she was not behaving she was not gonna get a gold star that day you
showed up to serve when you were feeling like it you showed up to serve when
you didn’t and my family is different and changed because of you so thank you
on behalf of all the families at Elevation Church I want to thank the
unseen heroes in our eKidz department consistency makes a difference and I
also think it’s important to God because our culture doesn’t celebrate
consistency our culture celebrates convenience leaving the hard thing to
chase the thrill of the new thing but I think God wants to show what it looks
like when a people actually stays in the hard thing and makes it better
who can honor their commitments when it hurts who can do the hard thing
consistently over and over again who don’t just chase the new thing but do
the old thing with a new passion so turn to your neighbor speak
this over yourself say I am consistent I like the sound of that all right the
second principle is this the path of least resistance is rarely the path of
obedience the path of least resistance is rarely the path of obedience so one
of the things that heard a lot growing up in church to justify decisions and I
said it I heard it a lot maybe you’ve heard this too is I’ve just got a peace
about it have you ever said that no this is not a trick question it’s okay if you
have a girl dumped me one time because God gave her a peace about it
and I thought God was big enough to have some peace to go around and give me a
peace and give me a little bit of a heads-up but he failed to do that that
time but it made me feel so unspiritual because most of the things I felt like
God wanted me to do I rarely felt peace about in fact they usually scared me to
death and I think Nehemiah probably didn’t
feel a lot of peace in the situation he was in so he was confronted with this
rumor at this time that could have gotten him killed and I want us to look
at verse 6 so you can see it it says it is reported among the nations and Geshem
says it is true that you and the Jews are plotting to revolt and therefore you
were building the wall so here we have this rumor that he’s building this wall
just so he can revolt against the king of Persia so if that rumor gets back to
the king Nehemiah is dead now she goes to the plain of Ono to meet with these
people who’ve started the rumor they’re setting a trap for him if he goes and
tries to refute the rumor and set the matter straight he’s dead there too so
it’s a no-win situation for Nehemiah I have to imagine that he was tempted to
take the path of least resistance would be to kind of get out of town quietly go
find another city go find another wall to build but the path of least
resistance would also be the path of disobedience
I don’t think Nehemiah when he was sitting there thinking God I know you
called me to build this wall and I’m facing this opposition but I’m gonna
trust you anyway I don’t think that was a peaceful
decision and it reminded me of something Pastor Steven has taught us and that is
that peace rarely comes before obedience
peace is a bi-product of obedience peace comes after you obey we can’t wait for
our emotions or our feelings to validate God’s voice when we know his word has
told us to do this when we know his spirit is leading us to fight for
something so you’re praying for guidance and you’re praying that God speaks and
you know that you see this in his word and you know you should take the step
and you know you should stay in this relationship and fight for it but you’re
just waiting for this feeling and this emotion to tell you it’s okay
and fighting for something is not a very peaceful thing and God has called us as
a people to fight for love to fight for reconciliation to fight for peace
changing this world is not an easy thing and peace doesn’t come until after we
obey it is a hard thing to forgive somebody when they hurt you it doesn’t
feel very peaceful to take that step and to do it but peace will come after the
reconciliation and that takes work you know some of you high school students
it’s not a peaceful thing to stand up for the kid who’s bullied and isn’t
treated with any dignity or respect but you have no idea what that simple act of
courage would mean in that person’s life but it’s not a peaceful thing to stand
up against your friends some of you made commitments at the end of the year to
give and to begin to prioritize God through tithing and now these bills hit
that you weren’t planning on and it is a hard thing and it hurts sometimes to
honor your commitment to God but God always promises that he will bless us
when we are faithful and we will trust him and when we obey and if I’m telling
the truth right now sometimes I use peace as an excuse to get out of doing
the hard thing so I’ve said I’ve got a peace about this and it’s given me the
excuse to leave the hard thing when really what I was feeling was relief not
peace relief and peace are not the same thing and some of you might have walked
out on commitments walked out of relationships and you claimed you had
peace but you really just felt relief because you could wash your hands of the
problem God is calling us to be people who fight
for peace who are willing to do the hard thing who don’t wait on the emotion
because sometimes those opportunities do not last forever and I learned this the
hard way you see I have two amazing parents they raised me in church they
raised me to love God they set a great example for me and they moved to
Charlotte to help us with our kids and their medical issues I love them a lot
but a lot of people don’t know that my dad is really my stepdad he married my
mom when I was 7 and adopted me when I was 16 for all intents and purposes he
is my dad he is the example and the role model of what a man of God looks like I
love him so much yeah you can clap for my father I didn’t know my biological father that
well I didn’t see him much after the age of 4 we lived in California right
after I was born with him and he was basically a con man a white-collar
criminal he was in and out of prison for money laundering heavy cocaine user had
a double life behind my mom’s back had countless affairs very violent person
and once my mom figured out who he was she left him and moved to the East
Coast and about five or six years ago I began to get this sense this leading
from God this prompting that I should reconnect with him and just try to build
a relationship be some source of light in his life and share my faith and there
was zero percent of me that wanted to do that it felt awkward it felt weird I
couldn’t even get to the bottom of the depth of emotions that I felt about that
and so I really fought God on it I didn’t want to do it but I knew it was
something he was prompting me to do but I kept putting it off until it felt
right one day I’m just gonna feel that it’s right and I can pick up the phone
and make the call one day I’ll get a peace about it so
October 2016 my mom calls me and said that he had passed away and I remember I
was in my office in a meeting with John Bishop and I just poor John I
just broke down crying and I never expected to grieve over somebody that I
didn’t know the way I grieved then but I was also grieving because I knew I would
never get that chance back to obey to share Christ with them and it wasn’t
even something huge that God was asking me to do it was one simple phone call
that could have had a dramatic impact on his life and thankfully God is a God of
mercy he’s a God of grace and so he helped me come to terms with that and
realize that there’s other people that could have shared Christ with him too
and the Lord did help bring me to a sense a peace about that but I share
this with you because I resolved in that moment that I wanted to be the guy
that obeys those simple promptings from God even when they’re not peaceful I
want to be the guy that sends the text I want to be the guy that makes the phone
call I don’t want to just wait for peace to come I want to be the guy that does
the hard thing even when it’s not the peaceful thing because we all want to
build these giant walls of faith in our life but those walls are built one step
of obedience at a time one brick after the other and sometimes to pick up those
bricks and stack them it’s a painful thing but God will always bless it when
we obey here’s the final point don’t mistake what is most noticeable for what
is most valuable don’t mistake what is most noticeable for what is most
valuable so one of the biggest lies that has stolen my peace in my walk with God
is trying to attach my worth with my accomplishments my value with what other
people can see my value with the wall that I’ve built the work of my hands and
you know here we have Nehemiah who’s the builder of the wall the leader of the
exiles and I don’t think he was feeling a lot of significance or value in the work
that he was doing because it looked like it was in jeopardy it looked like it
might not get done it looked like he might even lose his life because of it
and in this moment of weakness he prayed a prayer that I think we would all do
very well to pray ourselves so verse 9 says they were all trying to frighten us
thinking their hands will get too weak for the work and it will not be
completed but I prayed now strengthen my hands
I used to read over that prayer like it was some token prayer like this is just
some 2d story character but what I love about our church is Pastor Steven helps
us see the humanity in the Bible that these were real people with real
emotions and so I tried to put myself in Nehemiah shoes and he had staked
everything on building this wall he was risking his life and it looked like it
was in jeopardy and all he knew to do was to pray for strength from God it had
to be so tempting to quit it had to be so tempting to walk away
and I was wondering what kept him going in the midst of all the discouragement
the midst of all the hardship and I think one thing might be this that he
realized that God wasn’t just building the wall that he could see God wasn’t
just building this outer wall to protect a city God was building this inner wall
of faith in his heart this inner wall of character this inner wall of trust this
inner wall of realizing that his hope wasn’t in how strong this wall was his
hope was in how big and mighty his God is his defender wasn’t some faraway King
in Persia his defender was the Lord God Almighty God was building something
greater in Nehemiah than what he was building through him and God was also
doing that for the people of Jerusalem see they had been sent to exile to begin
with because they had trusted in false gods and lesser kingdoms and God was
building a renewed faith in them to trust in the God of Israel that God was
their defender and protector sometimes your faithfulness isn’t just about you
it’s about what other people see through your faithfulness the way other people
are encouraged by it the way other people are inspired when you go and you
do the hard thing even when it hurts and even when you’re weak see Nehemiah had
to be tempted to quit but he knew that his strength didn’t come from retreating
from the hard thing his strength came from repeating the hard thing again and
again and again strength wasn’t in the retreat strength was in the repeat can
you say that to your neighbor strength is in the repeat see God wants us to be
a people that does the hard thing over and over and over again it’s the
principle when you work out I work out maybe once a week at best that’s just
enough to get you sore not to build strength
if I really wanted to get stronger I would work out day after day after day
week after week after week that would build my strength it comes in repetition it’s
the same with faith it’s repeated obedience repeated surrender repeated
trust in God so Nehemiah didn’t just say Lord strengthen my hands and expect some
supernatural strength to make his hand stronger no he knew he needed some
stacking strength so he picked up a brick and he stacked it picked up
another brick stacked it said Lord strengthen my hands got back to work
picked up another brick stacked it accusation came kept stacking
discouragement came kept stacking and when his obedience met God’s power
that’s when his strength came and that’s when the wall was built because verse
15 shows us this it says so the wall was completed on the
twenty-fifth of Elul in 52 days and when all our enemies heard about this
all the surrounding nations were afraid and lost their self-confidence because
they realized that this work had been done with the help of our God see you
might not think you have the strength to do what God has called you to do but he
promises that if you obey if you keep stacking one brick at a time it’s not
your strength it’s his power that’s working within you the wall will be
built and I really felt like God sent me today and brought you here this Memorial
Day weekend some of you who feel like nobody notices you stacking you feel
like you’ve been stacking the bricks and you feel like you’ve been trying to feel faithful and nobody sees and nobody notices and maybe you’re just
tempted to quit because you feel like you just can’t keep going and I want to
tell you that God is doing something mighty in your life even if you can’t
see it because I want to remind you of the truth of Philippians 1:6 being
confident of this that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to
completion until the day of Christ Jesus see we talked about finishing what we
start we’re never gonna do that perfectly but God promises he will
always finish what he starts and he has started something so special in each and
every person under the sound my voice we’re never gonna be truly
consistent but Jesus is the model of consistency the Word says he is the same
yesterday today and forever his love is consistent His grace is consistent his
power that’s available to you it’s consistent so do not give up do not stop
building the wall keep stacking brick by brick and God is gonna build a mighty
wall of faith through your life I want to invite everybody to stand so I can
pray for you I’d love for you just to hold your hands palm up like this close your
eyes I want you to think what is the hard thing that you know God has called
you to do again and again what is the brick he’s called you to pick up and to
stack what is the active obedience that you’ve been dreading but you know the
Lord is calling you to it and I just want you to repeat this
prayer after me this very simple prayer that Nehemiah prayed and say strengthen
my hands so God I don’t know what was on everybody’s heart as they prayed that
but I pray that you will give them the strength and the courage and the faith
to obey realizing that you are a trustworthy God you are a strong and
mighty God and that even when we are faithless you are faithful and we can
know that you do all things for the good of those who love the Lord and are
called according to his purpose so Lord work in the hard things work in the good
things and Lord I pray that you will open everybody’s eyes this week just to
get a glimpse of the wall that you’re building through them and I thank you
for their faithfulness I thank you for how you’re using them thank you for
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