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hello friends I am Riya i will explain the Health Benefits of Eating Raisins when grapes are dried it is called Raisins it is of two types red and black it is also called the king of dry fruits raisins contain magnesium, copper, zinc, dietary fibre, sugar and various nutrients which are very essential for the body anaemia is caused due to deficiency of iron raisins fulfils the deficiency of iron which reduces the chances of anaemia anaemia patients can eat 10- 15 pieces in the morning raisins has rich source of calcium which makes teeth and bones strong eat 10- 20 raisins daily in the morning bones will never become weak eat raisins to eat sexual stamina because it boosts the sex interest the amino acids present in raisins increase the sexual stamina so married couples are given glass of milk on the wedding night which contains saffron and raisins which increases the sexual stamina when the capacity of acid is increased in blood and stomach gastric problems are caused raisins contain magnesium and potassium which gives relief from acidity chew 4-5 raisins when there is gastric problem raisins contain vitamin A, a-betacarotene and carotenite minerals which keep the eyes healthy it contains anti oxidants which helps to fight against eyes free radical phenolic phytonutrients present in raisins which are known for germicidal and antioxidant eating 20gm raisins daily prevents from bacterial infection and viral fever other benefits of raisins in the case stomach or lung problem, or acidity eat raisins eating 4-5 raisins soaked in water reduces dizziness if you want to turn your skin white then soak 10- 15 raisins in the water in the night chew and eat it in the morning Health Benefits of Eating Raisins special video ends here Subscribe the channel now for more home remedies and don’t forget to share with your family and friends The main motto of life care channel is to cure serious diseases and to prevent from getting small diseases. take care stay healthy

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  2. thankyou riya mam.for your r so nice smile.but mam I don't have a girlfriend w hats the use of increading sex stamina.

  3. madam आप सच में बहुत अच्छी जानकरी दे रही ह ये काफी लाभदायक है
    बस ये दुआ है की मेरी शादी आप जैसी सुंदर लड़की से हो फिर मैं भी फुल enjoy करूँ अपनी लाइफ को यू are very hot आप जिसकी किस्मत में हो वो सच में बहुत भाग्यसाली होगा

  4. Madam please circumsition ke upar ek detail video banaiye,Kya Hume woh karna chahiye,uske merits Kya hai aur agar mein na karu toh Kya sex ke doran problem hogi, please make a video I'm really confused.🍌

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