Stamina Demystified.

– Goals. Number one, demystify
and redefine stamina. Demystify and redefine. So like I said, we already started off the demystification of stamina. Demystification of stamina
begins with the idea that your current levels of fatigue, your current quitting points, are opinions of your brain. One of the things that
will come in all of this, I know some of you guys that have deep physiology backgrounds are gonna want to talk about DO2MAX and what happens in the periphery that actually drives the desire to quit. So are there peripheral things that are gonna make you wanna quit? Yes, but at the end of the
day do they actually matter as much as what happens up here? And the actual answer is no. Of everything that we’re
finding out in research that is what we’re learning. Now obviously the more compromised
you are in the periphery the sooner you’re going
to want to quit, right? So conditioning and all
those different things that we talk about do come into play but lots of people survive
incredibly difficult things with zero training because they have a desire
and a need and a why that is so strong that they
just keep going, right?

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