Stand Up for Women’s Health Rally – April 7 in Washington D.C.

Speaker: “There’s change we can believe in
and change we just won’t tolerate. And going back to the bad old days when women couldn’t
even get birth control is change we will never allow.” Title: Stand For Women’s Health “In
case you missed it, the US House of Representatives is trying to take things. Trying to take things
from women and families. The House has introduced a bill that would give hospitals the right
to deny women life saving abortions. The bill would even take away insurance for birth control
and abortions. The House has also passed an amendment that would take away federal funding
from Planned Parenthood. Help the ACLU stop Congress’s plan to take away a woman’s right
to make her own healthcare decisions. Join the ACLU and dozens of other groups on Thursday
April 7th in Washington DC at a rally to stand up for Women’s Health. To Sign up for the
rally, go to Photo Courtesy of: US National Archives, M.O.
Stevens, Ceridwen Music Courtesy of Moby Gratis

2 Replies to “Stand Up for Women’s Health Rally – April 7 in Washington D.C.”

  1. The government should not be involved. The government should certainly not compel hospitals to do procedures they are morally against, and of course funding of abortion is wrong. This is one of those issues I feel the ACLU is on the wrong with. But as much as I am prolife (I feel abortion is murder of the unborn), I cannot justify statist intervention.

  2. @reapfreak
    Federal funds have never gone to abortions, thats what the HYDE amednment has said from the beginning. Drop the paranoia. And of course women should be allowed to die rather than recieve a life-saving procedure.

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