Star Citizen News | Alpha 3.0 Stamina & Oxygen

Hello everybody welcome back, the implementation
of the stamina and oxygen systems with the upcoming alpha 3.0 update in star citizen,
will not only introduce the very first elements of survival gameplay to the game but will
also change the way we are fighting since tactical gameplay and strategic thinking are
finally becoming a reality. Obviously our main topic for today is going
to be these two systems and how they will affect our everyday life in the verse but
before we talk about them let’s go ahead and take a quick look at the production schedule
report. The hot issues blocking the evocati PTU release
have been reduced to 76 from 94 and these are some really great news and to be totally
honest something that we were expecting. This is because the 94 issues were created
thanks to the stream of visitors during gamescom, playing and testing the alpha 3.0 demo, so
we knew that that sudden increase of issues during gamescom, a little after gamescom was
not something normal, was something extraordinary and we are now getting back into schedule
and hopefully we will soon see the alpha 3.0 at least for the evocati being released. Some more great news regarding the burndown
process come directly from CIG in the production schedule report and what they are saying us
is that the burndown process is finally coming to a close and it will be over very soon. Now when that might be and when we might get
an evocati PTU release date, it is still unknown, the last date we had was October 9th, before
it was removed, so we will have to wait until October at least and see if we are going to
get the alpha 3.0 on our hands. Nonetheless with these new numbers things
seem to be going very well and we might even get the alpha 3.0 sometime before or during
citizencon of this year. Now let’s go back to our main topic and discuss
about the stamina and oxygen systems that we are going to get for the first time with
the alpha 3.0 update. At first glance they might be very different
and not be connected, one to each other, but the reality is that they are indeed connected
and stamina will affect your oxygen pool and will affect your oxygen consumption. We could say that our everyday life in the
verse is going to change dramatically with this new update and every action we do will
have a consequence. To explain briefly and simple how these two
systems are going to work stamina components will take into consideration the stamina cost
of actions and the stamina regeneration in order to decide how much stamina you will
be consuming and how fatigued you will become after a certain action. Your stamina will drain depending on stance,
equipment weight, the heavier the weapons you are carrying the more stamina you will
be consuming and in general the more stuff you are carrying the more stamina you will
be consuming but also movement slope, walking up will consume more stamina than walking
down. In general more physically tense actions like
sprinting or jumping will consume more stamina and affect your breathing and heart rate. As a result when you are sprinting or jumping
or doing something else physically tense you will become fatigued and your heart rate will
increase. You will start breathing irregularly and because
of this you will start consuming more oxygen. So we can see that stamina and oxygen are
tied and will affect each other. It is apparent with these new systems coming
to the game, we will have to be very careful of our stamina, of our oxygen and in general
we will have to be very careful of our actions and follow a certain plan because just sprinting
and jumping left and right will have a huge cost on both of our resources and will eventually
lead us to our death. So simply like this tactical combat is being
introduced to star citizen, taking the game to a whole new level. And it is not only the consumption of stamina
or oxygen that will affect our characters and our gameplay performance. Wounds at different parts of our character’s
body will have different effect on our character as well. So for example a wound on the arm will affect
our recoil and obviously our aim, a wound on the leg will reduce the movement speed
and increase the stamina cost for jumping and sprinting and a wound on the torso will
decrease the stamina pool and regeneration, there are so many things that we have to consider
with the upcoming update that will make star citizen a whole new game, a different but
better experience. From now it will be wise to not sprint around,
to not sprint everywhere but walk, try to have a certain plan to follow and this is
simply because if we are sprinting all the time when we will need to shoot, we will not
be able to aim properly. Our aim will be all over the place, so someone
that is planning carefully his actions will have an advantage over other players. All these will affect primarily stamina and
stamina will affect oxygen and our survival of course but there are other conditions that
we will have to take into consideration if we wish to survive in the verse. Our oxygen and in general our survival in space and in the various hostile environments will also be affected by the atmospheric composition
of a room or an area, such as the surface of one of the three moons that will come with
the alpha 3.0, in order to survive we will always have to wear our suit and helmet and
it is not only areas that we are visiting but accidents that can happen while we are
flying with our spaceships, a sudden depressurization might cause our death, if we are not wearing
helmet, so we will always have to be ready to wear fast our helmet and shoot and survive
any incident. Thankfully there are going to be many info
and indications of what is going on around us, we will be able to read the atmospheric
composition of a room or an area in our mobiglas and tell easily if the atmosphere is breathable
or if we should keep wearing our helmet. According to the developers areas with not
enough oxygen for humans to survive or with low pressure are going to be just the beginning
and later there are going to be added a lot more interesting scenarios, such as radiation
sickness, depressurization sickness, diseases and other extreme conditions that could cause
our death. What is even more interesting is the mention
that if we get radiation sickness for example we will have to see a medical specialist in
order to get rid of that condition and this is quite interesting and it creates a lot
more opportunities for players that want to follow the medical profession. Some more interesting info regarding this
topic have to do with the alien races of star citizen and the fact that they will not be
breathing oxygen. So we will have to be very careful when we
are visiting their areas, their ships or if we are transporting them from one location
to another, we will have to provide them with the appropriate atmosphere so they will not
die and pay us when they reach their destination. In order to make the experience a lot more
realistic there will be visual animations and audio, breathing sound effects appropriate
for both fps and piloting in order to let us know of our condition, let us know of what
our characters’ condition is, so if we are tired and breathing irregularly, it will be
depicted on the screen and we will be able to hear our character breathing heavily and
it will be also very difficult to aim. From what we have seen in the latest around
the verse the developers are doing an excellent job with these new systems and the implementation
of these features will definitely change star citizen for the better. Some minor concerns have to do with balancing
these features, it seams that the developers are using star marine and not the open and
vast worlds of star citizen in order to get this system into the game so this might have
as a result stamina and oxygen depleting faster but i guess it is only for testing purposes
and it is much easier to test these new systems in a confined environment like the star marine
levels. Overall i find it a great addition and i think
it will make star citizen a much better experience, a much more realistic experience that will
give depth to the game and will make exploration, fighting and every other activity in the verse
very realistic and very interesting. As always i would love to hear your opinion
about these new features, these new systems and how you think will affect your gameplay
in star citizen and also do not forget that i am giving away an avenger titan and you
can participate by simply leaving a comment. Thank you very much for joining me, if you
enjoyed the video please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more, I am SquidofLove
and i will see you around the verse, bye bye.

15 Replies to “Star Citizen News | Alpha 3.0 Stamina & Oxygen”

  1. you let them stall you until gamescom and now they are going to stall you until citizencom. When are you people going to give up on CIG

  2. Looking forward to trying out non-COD Star Marine matches. Also, thanks for suffering through the ATV cuts to bring us this info 😉

  3. So glad they're getting away from the COD-style of fighting. Should be awesome. For oxygen, I'm hoping they come out with stylish breathers: I'm planning on playing my toon like a human Banu.

  4. This is the first implementation of the Unified Actor Status System. All the values are subject to change and tweaking for gameplay. 2 hours of air is just a starting point. Might go up, or go down. Same with all the values. 12 year olds who love to bunny hop and spray bullets everywhere are going to be disappointed, Good. The can go play Battlefield x. My buddies with short attention spans and who can't understand how to tell if they are wearing a helmet are going to be disappointed. Good. They can back to WoT/WoWS. Finally, all this UASS stuff has to get worked in for the medical field to be there and that's what I'm most interested in, with cargo transport being second. Once I have enough money from that, I'm going to stretch my legs a little and check out Hades and Kr'Thak space

  5. I wonder what the metrics of how far a character can run before becoming exhausted, how much they can carry, how long they can hold their breath, etc. are based on. Will they be made up by programmers based on what "seems" realistic? Will they be based on numbers for what an athlete or highly trained soldier could do?

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