STRANDS Instructional Video – Haus der Barmherzigkeit, Vienna

Henry is a service robot, currently tested for its capabilities in facilities like the HdB in the context of the STRANDS research project. Henry is here to serve you. He can display useful information. Henry will be roaming about and offer his services. Simply press the buttons on his screen, to have information displayed to you. For instance, see the weather forecast for Vienna, or read the latest news, or view today’s lunch menu. When you are finished, simply leave Henry behind. He will soon find new tasks to engage with. Henry also can show visitors and guest around the HdB. Simply enter the room number or the name of the person to visit, and be guided by Henry. This functionality can be be requested by the researchers, when a guest wishes to be guided by the robot. Upon arrival, Henry departs and continues with his other duties. Henry is not remote-controlled, but takes his own decisions and drives autonomously. Also, he decides when it is time to recharge. Unfortunately, Henry cannot hear you, although he can speak to you. Simply interact with him using the touchscreen. Henry roams the house autonomously, continuously taking care to be careful around humans. Henry is a robot, employed by researchers to study… how robots can be used effectively and safely in real-world environments such as the HdB. Henry has got a number of cameras and other sensors, enabling him to perceive his environment and people in it. This is how Henry can see you, and also can continuously localise, using a map he previously has created. By these means, he can roam freely and be at your service. Should Henry come close to you, he normally will just stop. In the unlikely event of making contact with an obstacle, Henry is stopped by sensors in his rubber base. Should you have any questions about the robot, please do not hesitate to contact the STRANDS team or the reception.

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